self centered

self centered


heavily influenced and melody driven 4 piece band striving to be heard.


Self Centered has been a name for around 3 years in and out with Different members due to attendence or other related situations.After the "Cutshall Nation".With thier current singer out at the time, Jersey came into the picture .Then Andy.We finished our 1st album in mid 2005 and are currently almost done with our sophmore album (8-2006).SelfCentered brings metal and melody to a different level.With influencing backgrounds of doing covers and picking up wierd styles from many different genra's (examples or some infuinces)-"s.o.a.d"-"Nirvana"-"Chevelle"-"mudvayne"-"A perfect circle"-Old school and new school metal.Self Centereds music is emotional and powerful,melodic with a side dish of head banging Metal blueprints


Self Titled First album (self Centered)
A.D.D on wrzk(monday night edge) K-rock
Demo's from our sophmore album(almost complete)

Set List

"First album"A.D.D-Crippled-last place-complexity-sell out-lost cause-paricles-sanctity.

Soon to come from the new album (10 tracks)

our set consists of mostly the new cd with the exception of a few off of the old one and can range from 30 min. to an hour on end to fit any bill available.