Self Centered Representers

Self Centered Representers

BandEDMHip Hop

Independent. genre bending, avant-garde, visionary madman, specializing in off the wall lyrics, and unique perspectives on life.


Berkeley, California eclectics fusing urban and suburban styles . Many songs include guest performances by local independent artists. Combining hip hop, lounge, rock n roll, drum n bass, trance, gangsta rap, funk, breakbeat, and laid back grooves, with unsuspecting beat patterns and unusual sounds. Appealling to a universal audience with global recognition from South African and Russian music retailers.


Let Your Soul Be Free

Written By: DJ Osh

It's hard to be as raw as me
and not be conceded
see these labels branding me
they've never been needed
outstanding m.c. with
third degree heated
cause plan B
has never been needed
plan A
took me all the way
to the peak
to the crest
seek the best
treat the rest
to a little display
see, I'm blessed
cause I don't stress
I give myself a rest
then head straight
to the melee.
I've been hollarin' mayday
Cause I've been gotten no payday
But I take it gracefully
Knowin that the lord has a place for me
why else would he give a face to me
I live to honor him thankfully

Let your soul be free
Let your soul be free
Let you be you and me be me

Let your soul be free
Let your soul be free
Let you be you and me be me

Take deep long breaths
Sit down and stretch
Too much stress
builds emotional overload
kick off your shoes
and wiggle your toes
concentrate on not
makin a pose
take a rest and let things go
let things go

Let your soul be free
Let your soul be free
Let you be you Let me be me

Let your soul be free
Let your soul be free
Let you be you and me be me

suckas aint worth spendin time on
man it's obvious
shake these leeches
while you can still cut your losses
can't you see
you're the one that is becoming hostage
when all that you seek
are only drama options

Free your soul
let your soul be free

Credit Card

Written By: DJ Osh

they say if you white you the man livin high off the lamb
if it's not a lie then why do I got no cash in hand
some people's goal in life is to make a hundred grand
my plans to get back to zero like do you understand
I'll be in debt for more than my whole generation
every paycheck direct to loan consolidation
they got me when I was naive and lacking education
never make the same mistake I have learned my lesson

contracts laced with trick word play all aimed to add confusion
you can take your interest rates and shove them up your cushion
sayin I'm the one to blame when you're the one bullsh*tin'
institution power game sign your name who did it
for a free lame shirt that shrank then barely even fitted
FM headphone radio that broke after one listen
how can I be liable for despisable ethics
am I trippin? I don't get it how could they just let it

am I trippin? I don't get it how could they just let it
amass to this amount what's the point of a limit
if I owe 3 times as much victim of their gimmick
now survivings twice as tough f*ck credit collections
Lawsuits through the roof every day I'm gettin sued
up at the job servin me papers like it makes a difference dude
aint got sh*t to show for debt was spent on edibles
alcohol, weed, stuff, to change my mood

ride a bucket no LCD screens or PS2
black and white cabinet oak TV stollen from goodwill
commodore computer beige no internet to bill
and I'm real broke still in a horrible economy
I have pro skills but I'm barely just surviving
caught up with these devils out here always coniving
they're like eve's snake waitin for fruit to ripin
just keep on credit debit atm swipin


One full CD titled People Looking At Me.

Set List

Strictly Studio..............for now.