self destructing messengers

self destructing messengers

 Mobile, Alabama, USA

Experimental/Neo-Psychedelic An aberrant blend of organic and electronic instrumentation. Hey! Self Destructing Messengers was recently featured on92ZEW in Mobile, AL, WNYU Radio NewYorkCity and NAB Radio in South Carolina.


What started as a recording project for singer Philonious in 2006, has morphed into a four piece band. Self Destructing Messengers will tell you they were formed in a Petri dish in the outer reaches of space by alien beings. But, this energetic group from the southeast consists of four elements: Philonious on vocals, Kevin on guitar, Mike on bass and Brad on drums (Formerly of The Tiles produced by Steve Albini). The music can be classified as indie rock, but the band sites many different influences with a range of styles- from Pixies to The Beatles. The lyrics often focus on brooding concepts of politics or spaced out stories of love. The sound they create is swirling and hypnotic.

The new E.P. out now! Tales From The Eyes Of The Mouthless The E.P


Tale From The Eyes Of The Mouthless The E.P.

Set List

All Original - 50 minutes to and hour show