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I'm a unique rapper,my goal is not to be the best of all time but to express my message. This message is that any goal is reachable from any point in your life. I make music that people can gain a lesson or moral from. That moral is Enjoy Life and make the most out of it. My music is passion driven.


Matthew "MC" Credle born September 2nd, 1989 is an American rapper, entrepreneur
and songwriter. Growing up in urban New York City, MC was exposed to all walks of life
as well as all genres of music. As a child Matthew was surrounded by nothing but music.
Since age 9 that boy has grown into a young man. Studying some of the musical greats
he has acquired a unique talent and ear for music. When studying musical legends
MC did not only stick to the boundaries of his genre but ventured out into other genres
culture. Some of his influences vary from artists like, Biggie Smalls and LL cool J to
Smokey Robinson and Ray Charles. With the combining style of many of his influences
MC then became an all around artists. While studying the artistic aspect of the music
industry MC did not fall short of becoming an entrepreneur at an early age. With family
members in the music industry he was exposed to the tricks of the trade early in life.
Today he has grown into one of the most successful independent artists that Queens,
NY has ever seen. With his own independent Label on the rise, MC is now doing
business with celebrities he used to watch on T.V as a child. MC has the persistence,
marketability and longevity it takes to survive in this industry. MC has rave reviews from
many top industry executives, A&R's, label reps, local media and social media outlets.
With three Independent Projects, one Compilation Record and 2 Independent mix-tapes
under his belt and growing popularity a major deal is right around the corner, but is not
needed to take an artist such as MC to the next level. In Jan of 2012 MC decided to
start his own Label known as “Self Made Music Ent”. This Young Business professional
will not take a “NO” from anybody, and will make sure his talent is heard and seen by
everyone. With his persistent hard work ethics, he plans to stay a true student of this
Industry/business know as “Music”.

“I heard there’s nothing new except for someone new. While I think aloud and express
my thoughts you will now Notice me; standing amongst you no longer hidden but Visible,
Powerful, and Structured. Now you will think to yourself and mention to your friends that
you have seen what you always thought to be true; Queens and hip Hop needed a MC.


Far From A Dream(Album)-2010
Back To Business(Album)-2011
Paperwork(Mixtape)-Aug 2011
Postcards From Heaven(Mixtape)-Feb 2012

Stunting(Single)- May 2012