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"Round-Up Country harmonies, indie pop and a Balkan mash-up"

They may have started as a slightly geeky prog-rock outfit, but Self Made Soul has grown up into a hooky, punky, alt-rock colossus. It's clear that these guys are smarter than your average bears right from the album cover, which is made to look like a well-worn, leather-bound book. But it gets much deeper inside, when the credits explain the whole affair was written, recorded, produced, Photoshopped, and laid out by core band members Alex Anderson and Randy Roswell. (The only things they didn't do were mix and master the thing.) The tunes are slick and catchy, even poppy at times, but the lyrics are subversively smart. Angelika Hirtler's ethereal backing vocals suffuse the tracks with a soft glow. While many musicians cop out by saying they're "inspired by life," The Future is Self Made Soul's step-by-step blueprint for actually living a fulfilling life. It's no self-help album — it's the musical equivalent of waking up bathed in sunbeams.

-Dan Barry, Hartford Advocate - Hartford Advocate

"Voted on the 2009 Vans Warped Tour by AP Magazine"

After first being selected by AP Magazine itself to be in the top 3 in the running to play the 2009 Vans Warped Tour in Washington, D.C., Self Made Soul's fans' votes won them the competition, and they will be playing Warped Tour at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Washington, D.C. on July 14th.

See Here: - Alternative Press

"Review of "The Demon Haunted World" by Self Made Soul"

With life picking and pulling at you, it's kind of hard not to lose yourself in the emotional wave of the world. You pull the hood of your jacket over your head and stare down at the dirty cement as you hear the moans and screams of a tortured world. Something is tearing at you and you can't bear it anymore. The demons of the world have made their appearance and it is time to face the music.

The pulse pounding sound of drums washed over with wailing guitars create a sense of hostility and encasement. You shatter the core of what makes you tick, "The Demon Haunted World" is the latest EP from Self Made Soul. Their hard hitting sound blended with emotional cries, bleed through your speakers like a blood filled elevator that just opened its doors.

Amazing guitar work and clean drums with bass riffs to take notice, Self Made Soul takes the duel singer/screamer sound to a new level. The rush and the melody of the vocal work is quite impressive. Songs like "Warcry" and "Walls Made of Glass" are just a couple of songs that will fuel your adrenaline and make you take notice. Very few bands can interweave the scream/sing combination, Self Made Soul have made their mark in the world of music. Quite an impressive EP, you are left wanting more, but do not fret. The future is bright and filled with amazement for Self Made Soul. Add them to your mp3 device and share the music with your friends. -

"Lexington Music Press Review of The Demon Haunted World"

With a mixture of screamo, goth metal, and hard rock, SELF MADE SOUL have produced a record that introduces a band you really should be blasting. Whether it's elements of LACUNA COIL or GREELEY ESTATES, the band has put together a sound that stands out from the rest. The opening track, “Walls Made of Glass”, is an amazing introduction with some incredible breakdowns and beautifully sung choruses. “Sitting on a Time Bomb in Free” is especially fast and brutal, and brings to mind WALLS OF JERICHO with VERSAEMERGE. Even when SELF MADE SOUL are showing their heaviest side, the band feels melodic and adventurous. “Warcry” continues the frantic feel of this EP, while the closing track, “The Inheritance”, is pummeling and soars. The guitars are especially good in this track, and the chorus is the most memorable on the record. The Demon Haunted World is one of those EP's you don't just stumble upon; you fall in love with it. (4.5/5)

( - Lexington Music Press

"A Rarity among Girl Screamo: Self Made Soul"

kay, so this is quite a late night post for me, so I’ll try and make it fairly quick; I just had to post this.

As I was getting ready for bed tonight I had Purevolume up and was in need of some new music, so I chose to randomly choose an alternative artist. Now, I’m aware that there are probably plenty of girl screamo bands out there-but I can never seem to find any. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m right: there aren’t that many.

Of course, I, and so does the rest of the world, know about the infamous Flyleaf. And sure, her hit song “I’m So Sick” does feature her screaming the same word twice at the beginning, but for the rest of the song (and the rest of that album) it’s all clean singing. But even so, that’s only one lady screamo group.

I am getting way off track here. I’ve come to tell you of the latest awesome group I seem to have stumbled upon: Self Made Soul. Like I was saying, I randomly came upon their PV page, and when I took a listen I was hooked. They are screamo, the lead is female, they are raw, and they rock my fucking world.

-Jody, -

"Local Motion: Masters vs. Baiters"

"Another awesome band in the same vein is Self Made Soul, who played The Space on Friday night. Oddly enough, they used to be more explicitly progressive, but after some lineup changes, their new sound is more like a whip-smart Jimmy Eat World. They're currently touring their second album, The Future Belongs To Us, up and down the East Coast. Intelligent and punky without taking either aspect to an alienating extreme, they're the perfect antidote to sack-less emo."

-Dan Barry, Hartford Advocate.

Full article: - Hartford Advocate

"AP Magazine Feature and Played on the AP Show #72"

We are featured in AP Magazine #247, Feb 09, in the AP&R Section.
Here's a link to the image of the feature (copy and paste it into your browser):

"Your Favorite Hiding Place" was played on Alternative Press's AP Show #72 and again in the background on show #73 in November and December 2008. - AP Magazine (Alternative Press)

"Voted on PACTOUR opening slot for SAOSIN"

We were fan-voted on a date to open for Saosin on the PacSun PACTOUR. The show was November 28th at Toads Place in New Haven, CT. - PacSun


-The Demon Haunted World: 4 song EP (Produced by Paul Leavitt August 2009)

-The Future Belongs to Us: 10 songs (June 2008)

-I Am What I Believe: 8 songs (June 2004)

All have had extensive streaming and radio airplay.



In just a little less than a year, Self Made Soul has kids all across the North East and beyond taking notice of their unique approach to Alt Rock and Post-Hardcore with their last release, "The Future Belongs to Us". The press were also quick to take note and in early 2009, Alternative Press Magazine named them one of the top unsigned bands of the month. Later, with the strong support of their hard-earned fans, they'd win AP Magazine's contest to play Van's Warped Tour 2009.

With the release of their latest EP, "The Demon Haunted World", Self Made Soul takes it up a few notches heavier with even more energetic verses, epic choruses and bone-crushing breakdowns, all of which are delivered with raw, real, honest emotion. Angelika's screams seem to spit fire from her heart as Alex counters with haunting melodies that are projected with a room-filling resonance. Randy and Matt channel the intricate rhythms, genre-bending guitar riffs and ghostly ambient textures with precision through the band's chaotic time signatures and tempo changes.

The coming year will be a big one for the band as they exit the studio with Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, I Am Ghost, Gwen Stacy, Conditions) and prepare for an even more ruthless touring schedule.