Selfmeyi F/ the GreyKyds

Selfmeyi F/ the GreyKyds

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Selfmeyi and the GreyKyds are a pure mixture of Urban SubUrban Life. This culturally diverse band produces original music that blends rock, rap, blues, and pop into a package that's emaculate.


How does one define self? It’s said that everyone’s life is a story to be told. Although that may be true, how many can tell it set against the backdrop of rhythmic bliss. With jazz and funk. Rock and soul. Much like his song, Painter MC, Selfmeyi paints a masterpiece on the canvas of his convoluted life. It’s a story of joy and pain, triumph and failure. Born Damar Jackson in Detroit Michigan, he did not have a normal childhood. His Mother anchored by her faith kept him and his siblings in the church. She separated from his father when he was 8 years old, and uprooted them from the surrounding they had become accustom. Hoping to provide them a better education, and shield them from the pitfalls and trapping of big city life, she moved them to Taylor, Michigan. It was here that he was first introduced to a different culture. The children here played, talked, and even walked different. But Selfmeyi soon realized his new friends shared the same problems as his city friends. They had money problems too, and their kids acted out as well. Then tragedy struck. His father, who was an intricate part of his life, passed away. With his mind whirling out of control, confused, lost, and bewildered, with a feeling of complete betrayal, the family was uprooted yet again. This time even further from the city, to rural Ypsilanti. He was now like a fish out of water. He had no one to turn too.
Struggling with his own thoughts, Self did whatever he could to stay positive. He began to write down his thoughts. He documented his life, which gave it order. He began to express himself through music. Out of chaos came calm, adversity, and enlightenment. Now, Selfmeyi is ready for the world. Telling his story through his music, the sophomore album, Self-Identity, is a statement about his life. It is the beginning of a movement he dubs as Urban Suburban. A mixture of the city life he came from and the rural life he was raised in.

From this movement, Selfmeyi formed an alliance called the GreyKyds, which consist of group of "Urban Suburbanites" that embraces the diversity of life. The GreyKyds refuse to be trapped into the stereotypes or boxes that society tries to place you in. GreyKyds defy the odds and bring creativity to an industry that lacks individuality. Selfmeyi and the GreyKyds represent a movement to promote originality, acceptance, and self-reliance.

"Can't change what I am to please ya" ------- Selfmeyi & The GreyKyds


Self-Titled - LP
Self - Identity - LP

Set List

20-45 minute set: All original songs

- Intro: Know the Name
- I Got it Covered
- Soon to Be
- Painter MC
-At Least One
- urban Suburban
- Liars
- Til the Mornin'

**set is performed using clean versions of songs listed