Moscow, Moscow, RUS

Selfplayers are the jungle savages from Moscow playing a delicious fusion of Reggae, Ragga-Jungle, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and Drum'n'bass. The last component used as a platform for the rest of design.


Selfplayers are the jungle savages from Moscow playing a delicious fusion of Reggae, Ragga-Jungle, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and Drum'n'bass. The last component used as a platform for the rest of design.
Since 2009 the band has been participated in major music festivals in Russia and shared stages with LTJ Bukem, Zion Train, General Levy. Selfplayers' first album called 'Vibrations' has been released in March 2012. In atumn 2012 the band made promo-tour in Netherlands and France.


No War

Written By: Daniel Korolev

Imaging all the people could live without war
They've got understand what we are living for
We got new life out of cold Babylon
Now is the moment for mental reborn
Instead of constant state of moving nowhere
Just pay your attention on what Jah has mentioned
Woman I need your love
I do need no war
Follow to the Zion

Only way you can make it right
Better drop the gun and put down the knife
Put your weapon down, drop it
And sing it
Raise your hands up in the air
Feel our love we share

Ooh baby I need your love
Every jahntleman should care of the lady
I don't wanna fight
Won't you hold me tight
Want you to protect
All over my body
Dance with me baby dance with me honey
Come again, come again, come again

Jahntleman and ladies ooh
Please don't kill each other no more
Just a moment and there no war
In our big and pretty world

When I taste your lips
I can't resist
When I feel your hips
I'm full with bliss
When I go with this
Just a moment miss
We'll fall in love
Cause such a feeling
Is for revealing

You got your mind to choose the reality
The government spends money for ice-cream and charity
Employers control not quantity but quality
But remember Love's the most precious thing for humanity!

Who Can Tell Me (feat. Gala Ga)

Written By: Daniel Korolev & Gala Ga

Who can tell me
Why we have so many temptations
Who can tell me
Why we have war between all our nations

We are creations of the universal soul
We have to spread love this is our only role
There is no sense in the fighting against the wall
Open your heart and let inside this admirable world
Following the voice of the fasion
People trust in the false impresion
Bless all people from all over the planet
Deliver us universe from all our bad habbits

Who can tell me
Why we have so many temptations
Who can tell me
Why we have war between all our nations

We're living in the time of population pressure
With all the knowledge and clever means to measure
But misunderstanding between us's still in the air
Oh, how I wish I could get outta here
But all I do and will do is share love, yeah
And all I wanna get back from you is some love, yeah
Reveal yourself, strengthen the soul in ya
I deny to live my life by some ridiculous formula

How can we find
If we are blind
How can we live
If they want our mind

Who can tell me
Why we have so many temptation
Who can tell me
Why we have war between all our nations


Written By: Daniel Korolev

Give me more power to break the illusion
Give me more fire to make revolution
More time to think of love and peace
Prase Jah love, got to believe in this
Please stop all the drums for a minute
Feel it that spirit comes from the sky
And you'll know why
that vibe makes me so high
so hight e e e e e e tarararam
Courtesy is a flatterer who doesn't deny any one in his respect
Hypocrisy is a shield of a bad man
Which he use everywhere constantly
Be share and bright
Think and choose the correct side
I know that you might
Blend together and generate light
Ignorance is the night of the mind
Be sure if you believe you will find
Proverb preseved piece of ancient philosophy
Who will guard the primeval sense if not we

Pride comforter of weak
Kindness is the language in which we must speak

Don't let them put you down
It doesn't matter that they wearing crown
King like a clown
No more indifference around
Boundless peace that is to be found
Don't shed your consciousness
Government is the miracle of mindkind selfishness
Grasp the sense
Anger is the weapon of the feebleness
Spread the happiness
Plow the wave and
Entrust seeds to sand
Like no trust to your best friend
See I'm a citizen of universe
And Earth - my mother land
Our tune positive, tough creative, out negative fire under spliff
Achive your mission
Spread love with the fire of passion
To much shallowness, too much fashion
Pressure is not real
Infinite love that what we must feel
I wanna laught with the sun
I won't exist
I just wanna live for fun
God bless my mom
I know that prosperity and hapiness will come


Written By: Daniel Korolev

Listen the sounds of universe
Feel the vibrations of planet Earth
Because our negative
Will be conquered by positive
We must believe in the love and truth
That is right you don't have to prove
You don't have to fight
We all must unite

Flow my song Through the air,
Through the cities streets and squares
Learn my people how to love
Till we have the sun above

Some times I see that time is shine
I wanna be up in the sky
I don't wanna choose I don't wanna buy
All I need is love make me feel so high

Messed up world

Written By: Gala Ga

I'ma tellin' you once and tellin' you twice, right now
There's no point to live in this town
I've been tryna change, tryna find my style
Tired of bringing up themes when you keep being silent out load
What's with your mind?
Start to live your own life with all your might
When wise man says "The Time is Now"
You better listen and move and do, not only nod and doubt
Ha, you say that there's no problem, right?
'Cause you love dem girls to wear their jeans up tight
Yeah, I'ma one of them, right
But that doesn't make me a piece of meat for one bite
I got my price, got my pride
As Nina says: "I got Life - that's all I got"
And I might be good during the day and bad at night
With all my will and might, I'ma take you on a flight


Won't you take a deep breath and look into my eyes
You might get sprung, boy, don't be surprised
Gotta be cool, betta stay wise
Be nice to me, or otherwise...

Or otherwise I'm gonna steel ya
Change all the perceptions you've got
I'ma thrill ya
Showing the real meaning of life
'Cause it ain't none of what you might know or have known, Besides
You better be secure while carving your way to the top
With a pompous style you get blind I've got a frank style
I use my open heart, baby, I am wild
You see, I don't lie, I'ma being upright
There's so much for me to see, I'm ready to ride
You might leave me, don't love me
But you gotta admit that there's some truth I know

It's a messed up world
We are elements, boy (or girl)
You should know for sure
No one's no one's toy
Messed Up World
I'm an element, boy
You should know for sure



Vibrations LP (2012)