Self Portraits

Self Portraits


Rufus Wainwright, Hawksley Workman and Guignol, the embittered marionette of Vaudeville days, decided to throw the best of themselves into a top secret government experiment in the late 1990s, and ten years later "Self Portraits" were born, wailing and clawing at unfamiliar instruments.


Theatrical pop nearly choking with chords, alternating with energetic and sparse instrumentation. In an esoteric sentence fragment, that is "Self Portraits", the latest and greatest band out of Ottawa.
Ben and Sam met at Carleton University and collaborated at various social functions, though it was not until Spring 2008 that the two decided to combine respective talents to create catchy, toe-tappin' pop with devastatingly beautiful lyrics. Their goal (and motivation)? Land a spot at the Pop Montreal Festival. Sending audio files across several time zones and the atlantic, they set out to set down some extraordinary music. Exploiting their musical acquaintances for advice, gear and more advice, they wrote as many songs as their hands and heads could master and are here to offer you the show of a lifetime.


With well over a dozen tracks written in the first weeks of coming into existence as a band, Self Portraits are culling the best of the mess of a debut EP.

Set List

Set list available upon request!