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"The 11th Freshman"

As of May 22nd, 2010 Self-Xplanatory has started the promotion of his music, full strength, to the U.S. as well as the U.K., Austrailia, Spain, Tokyo, and South Africa.
Along with his promotions the artist will be performing throughout the U.S. starting late 2010 until....His clothing line is expected to hit the open market in late 2011. With the release of 2 albums and 2 mixtapes in 2010 Self-Xplanatory has stated, "That's not even half of what I have to offer. I got 7 other albums sittin' up waiting on me to push to the streets." "I'ma beast when it comes to creating music, it's actually easy to me, like walking or breathing. It's natural." The artist Self-Xplanatory is expected to pop up more on the music scene quicker than most of us realize at this point in time, but his music is more of a breath of fresh air than a disappointment. - Self-Xplanatory


1st Lp- Self-Xplanatorium Renaissance I released 2005.

O.G.O.D. Mixtape Vol.1 released 2006

2nd Lp- Self-Xplanation Renaissance II released 2008

O.G.O.D. Mixtape Vol.2 released 2009

3rd Lp- Self-Xamination Renaissance III released 2010

4th Lp- Self-Xpected Renaissance IV released 2010

O.G.O.D. Mixtape Vol.3 released 2010



Tupac Shakur once said, "I don't see myself being special; I just see myself having more responsibilities than the next man. People look to me to do things for them, to have answers." For music artist/songwriter Self-Xplanatory, there is never a better comparison when it comes to his music. His style and personality thrives throughout the sounds, as expressive as the instruments. Unique and distinguished. Comical, intelligent, yet sexy. Mostly his creativity, which compells the listener on all musical genre levels, to unplug their eardrums. Born August 23, 1980 Self-Xplanatory was raised on the classical sounds of blues, jazz, and soul in his mothers house in Flint, Michigan where the artist grew up in his childhood. Between the age of 8-11, Self-Xplanatory enjoyed the sounds of hip-hop artist Public enemy, Fresh Prince, and Beastie Boys. He also fell in love with sounds of Dayton Family from the influences of his older brothers, who introduced Self-Xplanatory to writing his first lyrics, in a small apartment within Atlanta, Georgia in 1994 at 14 years of age. Studying information from all walks of life from authors ranging from George G.M. James, Malachi Z. York, to Zachariah Sitchin, Self-Xplanatory had a talent for speaking to the public and expressing the truth. While constantly moving from state to state, changing schools, Self-Xplanatory had the blessing of experiencing the musical influences life had to offer. The inabilty to adapt to the board of educations curriculum, Self-Xplanatory studied the only art that allowed him express his true talents. Writing. Middle school through 11th grade of high school Self-Xplanatory was left alone without the help of his brothers or mothers support, leaving Self-Xplanatory with the only chance to prove himself a success in life by reading and writing three songs a day. Traveling to Georgia and New York at the age of 17, Self-Xplanatory quit school to venture into his creative side through experience and hard work. His experiences lead him to work with his cousin, in Long Island,New York in 1997, reknown hip-hop artist Poetic the G.R.Y.M Reaper from a rap group known as The Gravediggaz. The untimely death of his cousin struck Self-Xplanatory with the set back to his musical career. Attending Butler High school a year after in 1998, graduating in 1999, Self-Xplanatory came in contact with two artists by the name of Pyro Gideon Dundee(from Hampton, Virgina) and Mickey Knots (from Brooklyn New York). The three quickly recognized their skill compatiblity and formed a group known as Cool Cats, before reinventing their name as Raw Uncut. They performed their first show in the year 2000 in Huntsville,Alabama under the umbrella of reggae music artists Island Sounds. The 3 went on to perform in Nashville, TN with island sounds, before undergoing a multicity tour, when the untimely murder of their manager came in to play. Self-Xplanatory went on to pursue a solo career in 2004 after being under Genesis Management label from 2002 to 2003. The Release of his 1st Lp 'Self-Xplanatorium Renaissance I' in 2004 created the universal creative platform and blueprint Self-Xplanatory needed to study, in order to further his stylistic perfection. Struggling with the corrupt judicial system, the death of his brother, incarceration of his other brother, and vacation of his lady and newborn son, pushed Self-Xplanatory to work on his lyrical skills even harder than before. In 2006 he released his first mixtape entitled, 'O.G.O.D. Renaissance Vol.1' Practicing his diversity and stylistic approach Self-Xplanatory released his 2nd Lp in 2007 entitled, 'Self-Xplanation Renaissance II'. With friend and producer Vic Da Creed (from Manchester, Pennslyvania) Self-Xplanatory conquered the meaning of versatility, while fulfilling the enjoyment of story telling, imagination, and life. Venturing to Atlanta, Georgia in 2008 Self-Xplanatory joined with his 2nd oldest brother H.P. writing and performing musical hits like 'Wheels on the Bus' and 'Welcome to Goodtimes' , as well as producing his 1st dvd entitled, 'The Truth About America'. Engaging the communities with cultural studies and knowledge, Self-Xplanatory pursued a career in the truck driving industry to enhance his financial market for his entertainment goals. The Release of his 2nd mixtape in 2009 entitled 'O.G.O.D Renaissance Vol. 2' returned instant popularity amongst fans over the U.S. as they pondered over who could this hip-hop sensation be. Finding his long awaited stylistic, jazzy, yet comical approach to the music industry as the perfection of Self-Xplanatory, he released his 3rd and 4th Lp's entitled, 'Self-Xamination Renaissance III and Self-Xpected Renaissance IV at his album release party in the year 2010 in Alabama. The harmony of bass and harmonicas ripple through songs like, 'Atlantis' or the soft bells and mellow tones of the song entitled, 'SxtheGod', allowed Self-Xplanatory to open the ears of the public through natural sound