Orlando, Florida, USA

"Selkii's vocals are soulful and expressive"
Dale Kawashima (Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Giant Records, Mercury Records, Jobete Music)

"Fabaroo Voice. She reminds me a bit of Carole King"
Clive Franks (Elton Johns Producer/Engineer)


Singer Songwriter Jess Yallup is the husky and dynamic voice behind her solo debut project 'Selkii'. She became best known for her participation as a finalist on the 2010 Reality TV Show Idols - The South African version of American Idol.

Selkii began sending out her original demos in 2012 and caught the attention of producer Stuart Epps ( UK Producer - Robbie Williams, Oasis) . Stuart loved the song so much he offered to produce it. 2 weeks after receiving the finished product it was submitted to The SingerUniverse Vocalist of the Month Competition (Los Angeles) and Selkii was Announced The Winner.


Your Eyes

Written By: Selkie (Jess Yallup)

It's not that I've had too much red wine.
Or the moon glow on the mountain.
But you have this thing with your eyes,
they draw me in and shut the world out.

I watched you stumbling up towards me,
while I sat there on my weak knee.
You tied my lace; untying my tongue -
Tying, trying - coming undone.

And the words were stuck inside my throat
Heart was flooding like a big old boat
Waves of passion and waves of shame
Hit me one by one again,
and the kiss was hard, kiss was soft
just one kiss was not enough
and a million shooting stars couldn't take me off your eyes.

Your touch and taste it now still lingers
on my lips and on my fingers
but why would i stop a fire
that saw those stars and took us higher?

I couldn't even sleep that night
I couldn't even put my fire out!

And when we kissed my world it spun
I breathed your soul into my lungs
You tasted me and I tasted you
and it tasted wild. But it tasted true.

...and a million shooting stars couldn't take me off your eyes...

Pot of Gold

Written By: Selkie (Jess Yallup)

We can fix this mess if we want to. We can paint each others lives.
Together we can make a rainbow that the darkest clouds can't hide.

We can heal the wounds if we want to with the salt from the tears we've cried.
Together we can make a rainbow with our love, our hope, our pride.

And sometimes you've got to share your yellow
Sometimes you've got to borrow blue
And sometimes if you're patient
a little green might come to you

So take the brush
Paint the day
You can't lock your dreams away
We can paint over bad days
We can turn over this page
Let the voice inside you shout
Let your rainbow pour right out
and then one day I'll say I told you so
When you find that Pot Of Gold

We can fix this mess if we want to
We can turn our troubles into Art
Together we can make a rainbow
Where one thing ends another starts


Her debut Album entitled 7 Tears is currently in production. Selkie is working closely with Studio Engineer , Roger Scheepers in Cape Town. Some of Rogers previous projects include The Ramones, Lloyd Cole and The The.

Set List

1. Your Eyes
2. Paper Birds
3. Natalie Wood
4. World of No Answers
5. Orange Blossoms
6. Fly
7. The Wet Letter
8. What a Day
9. Float
10. Blue
11. I do Care
12. Pot of Gold