The Selkow Experience is an eclectic mix of music which is a hybrid of Acoustic Rock/Hip Hop/Funk. We're really difficult to pin down to just one sound or genre, so we like to say, "We just make good music!"


Selkow is an original musical experience dedicated to consistently providing premium music by furnishing a fun, moving, enjoyable sound. Selkow has performed it’s unique blend of Acoustic Rock and Hip Hop since May of 2005. Although some components have changed, the core of Selkow stays true to it's sound.

Originally a duo, Selkow combines the cerebral songwriting of Benjamin Selkow with the natural talent and unique musical perspective of bassist, Matt Foster. With the addition of master percussionist Mike Golisano, Selkow has been sculpted in it’s present form. Under the direction of Hip Hop Producer -
The D, Selkow has realized it’s potential and diversity.

Selkow’s plans for 2006 include the release of both a live CD entitled “The Live Experience 2005”, as well as the masterpiece studio album entitled “...From The Children ”. Selkow also intends to expand it’s exclusive merchandise line beyond the “So KewL” T shirt which emerged at the end of 2005. Finally, Selkow looks to increase it’s list of venues which already include some of the biggest and best venues in the area.


...From The Children (2006)

Set List

Set 1
Saving Faces
You Vs. You Vs. You
Get Over It
I Know You
Corner Of My Eye
What's The Use

Set 2
Close Your Eyes
Get Over It
Motion Man
Missy Missy
...From The Children