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Moving To A Faster Lane

Written By: Leon/Tunch

I’ve been a prisoner too long
Inside a bad dream I’d wish had never begun
Why should I turn right the wrongs
When I could just move on

This town is taking my life
I’ve got to cut loose from all these negative vibes
Find my sweet delicate price
It’s time for paradise

I’m moving to a faster lane
I’m gonna catch that plane tomorrow
I’m gonna fly where the sun never sees the rain

The future is a brighter day
I’m gonna make my way to heaven
Where I’ll know I’m on top of the world again

Do you believe in goodbye
So tell me how long have you been living a lie
I’ve got the truth on my side
Don’t need no alibi

I see a face in the crowd
Get up and get moving caus’ salvation’s around
Head for the hills of a town
Where nothing gets you down


Do you believe I’m gonna turn on my side
Just roll over and die
If you believe I’m gonna miss that ride
You’d better hold on tight

Additional CHORUS

I’m reaching for another shore
We’re gonna strike that chord together
It’s a sin to hang around on a wing and prayer

The story’s getting better each time
It’s gonna work out fine where we’ll be
I’m in love with the sight of a brand new day

In The Station

Written By: Selma leon

It’s Saturday night and there’s a song out there
That I’ve been hearing all of my life
The beat in the street is filling the air
And it’s been keeping me alive

The city at night can take your breath away
Can grab your soul and set it on fire
It’s raising me up, I’m seizing the day
And now I’m gonna take it higher

I’m waiting in the station
For a train that calls my name
An unknown destination
But I’ll ride it all the same

I feel tomorrow rising
And I’ve got moving on my brain
You will find me in the station
Waiting(can you hear) for that outbound train

The unwinding road can be so hard on you
And leave you lonely, broken and down
And nobody pays the piper his due
Until his music takes the town

But say don’t you hear the never-ending song
That doesn’t need a passing parade
Alone in her mind the poet sings on
About a world we might have made


M8 Listen, there’s a road and there’s a train
Some of us will leave, (and) some of us remain


@2006 Leon/Hawker

A River Ran Here

Written By: Leon/Hawker

Something strange must have happened here Amaj7 Cmaj7
Somebody knows but nobody's talking
Precious things simply disappeared
Down lonely roads where nobody's walking

I feel alone and insecure Amin Amaj7
This isn't my home anymore

Do you remember when a river ran here Amin7 Amaj7
Silver and shining on its way to the sea
Shouldn't there be at least one souvenir
Who will remember if not you and me Ending D7/ added 4

Many times I have wandered here
Feeling the pulse of life around me
But now the air holds the taste of fear
And sullen clouds of grey surround me

Remember green, remember blue
Now it's up to me and up to you

Do you remember when a river ran here
Silver and shining on its way to the sea
Shouldn't there be at least one souvenir
Who will remember if not you and me?

Who will remember? Etc Amaj7 Cmaj7

Words and Music by Selma Leon and Mike Hawker