We are new,different,outcasts,stick out like a sore thumb at most places,metal but not at the same time,progrock{if that exists anymore]cryptic rock,[i think we came up with that one],and most of all we are all in for the long payoff!


Our influences are as follows Mudvayne,Lamb Of God,Chevelle,Metallica,Children Of Bodom,Dream Theater,And many others that dwell in the realm of classic rock


Waterside Nation E.P. no airplay as of yet

Set List

The Ditch,Honor Thy Sheid,No Me,0-12,Perfect Denial Pt2,TrashTalk,Perfect Denial Pt1{intermission type song},Dispose of Your Dreams,Forbidden,Transylvestite,Be Happy Your Dead,Memorium we do not play any covers as of this time but our set is about an hour and a half long