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Semaj Lee

Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band R&B Hip Hop




"Hqsoul Presents: Semaj Lee Singer/Songwriter"

See above link - Hqsoul Staff

"Semaj Lee "Loving On You" Video/Single Release"

Dope New Artist Spotlight for Semaj Lee. - Rated Bama Staff

"Semaj Lee "Loving On You""

"Coining the term trap&blues for his raunchy lyrical content on mellow moody beats, Semaj lists Pharell, Musiq soul child, Aaliyah and Tank to be on the top of his list for influencing his sound." - Street Khemistry Staff

"Semaj Lee "Loving On You""

Singer/Songwriter “Semaj Lee” from Houston Texas drops a new single named “Loving on you” Take a listen and enjoy #KickTheHype -

"Semaj Lee "Chop&Screw Video" for Loving On You"

Hot New Chopped & Screwed RnB Outta H-Town – Loving On You by: SemajLee (Chop&Screw Rnb)
Posted on October 30, 2014 by Fetti Magazine - Fetti Magazine

"Semaj Lee "Round By Round" Part Deux"

H-TOWN STILL PUTTIN IT DOWN WITH R&B: Semaj Lee – “Round By Round Part Deux” -

"*NEW MUSIC* from Semaj Lee (@bySemaj )"

NEW MUSIC ALERT!! I know usually when it comes to New Music Mondays I only review one song from an artist, but today this artist, Semaj Lee, has blessed us with three new songs. "Round by Round" "6ft" and "Loving On You". What you should know about Semaj is that he is a very unique artist. His sound is sensational..He gives us something new and exciting.. Trap & Blues.. Each line from each song captivates and brings you in with his mellow sound.. check them out below.. - Respect The Artists Staff


Semaj Lee is singer/songwriter from Houston,TX take a listen to his new single “Loving On You”. - RMH MAG.Com

"@BySemaj has great music, but the story behind the music will make you love it even more!"

Semaj Lee is so different from the normal sound, he literally created his own genre of music he affectionately calls Trap and Blues.

The artist attributes his distinctive sound to his childhood which was spent moving all around the country. Self-described as “sort of a hippie-nomad,” Semaj has spent time in Philadelphia, New York and Long Beach California but he considers Houston his hometown. “I’m from the Southside of Houston, I can’t be nothing else,” the artist raved.

The Houston influence in his music is certainly recognizable with the “chopped and screwed” sound playing a large role in the overall vibe of his music. “I love chopped and screwed R&B and it’s something I want my listeners to get used to with me.” The songwriter started. “I want the expression of using the chopped and screwed sound in a whole song and make it mainstream and notable.”

Semaj also listed some legendary producers and writers as influences for his music. Aaliyah, TimbaLand, Ginuwine, Rico Love, & Pharrell are among the artists he referred to musical Geniuses and his personal Idols. The combination of his eclectic tastes and his experiences with various regional musical cultures makes his sound amazingly distinctive.

When listening to Semaj’s unique sound, hearers will notice his uncanny ability to make his listener feel exactly what he feels. His audience vicariously experiences his hopes, heartbreaks and desires through his carefully crafted lyrics and soundscapes. “I feel like every song has its own vibe, its own life and I give life to songs.” The singer explained, “Whether that’s a dark song, light song or a weed song, I want y’all to take a journey.” - TheLoudHipHop.Com

"A Little Taste Of Mizz Ruby: Semaj Lee 2014"

"This style is almost like a pack of Minstrels - some of which being interesting and diverse in sounds, with other parts not to my particular tastes. Loving On You has a nice relaxed tempo and the sounds are rather intriguing. Stupid Love has influences from Drake with it also given a rougher hip hop addition. There are definitely good aspects of Semaj Lee's work - I'd say, less is more as he has a great voice and skills just less of the effects because real sounds will always be more beautiful in my books. Saying this, 6ft is one of my favourite's as it's mainly simply sexy and soulful." Mizz Ruby - MizzRuby.Com

"Semaj Lee Music"

New Music! -

"#FutureInfluencers Vol 1 - #SemajLee - Checkout this promising young #RnB star!"

I’m not usually the biggest listener of RnB, I’ll admit it, and the vast majority does nothing for me. I never really considered featuring any on the blog. A lot of RnB is tired, reused and redone. It’s the same subject material sang in pretty much the same way, track after track. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate RnB. There are some tracks and artists I love, Kci & Jo Jo’s ‘All My Life’ for one!

So I got sent a few tracks the other day from a talented new artist called Semaj-Lee and immediately I felt different about what was being delivered. First of all, Semaj has a good voice, obviously the most important factor for any singer. Its strong yet elegant and holds a touch of uniqueness. The two tracks I picked out, ‘semajLoving On You’ and ‘6ft’ are well produced and show variance in Semaj’s range as a vocal artist. ‘Loving On You’ is more your typical smooth RnB joint. A simple but classy beat carries the track with some chopped n screwed elements thrown to keep things interesting. ‘6ft’ takes a slightly darker tone, dealing with a tougher subject matter and showing a different side to the artist. Both tracks exhibit the singer well and demonstrate his more than comfortable ability and range. Definitely an artist to keep a watch out for! -


Let’s introduce you to one of the most talented artists we’ve come across recently – Semaj Lee. If you’re into the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, Kid Cudi and Frank Ocean then you will love this young mans music. The singer-songwriter is from Houston, Texas and has recently released a projected title Lonestarr which includes 3 songs that’ll have you abusing the replay button. Damn even the chopped and screwed versions are so good. - By ginoblogs @ginoblogs

"New King of R&b (TrapnBlues) Semaj Lee"

I Love His Music.. - George Patterson

"Featured Singer: Semaj Lee Posted on December 9, 2014 by canitalkmyish"

We were fortunate enough to talk ish with Singer…Semaj Lee!!! Semaj Lee is a very unique singer that is unlike most singers. He’s a singer that Chopped & Screwed most of his music which takes Rhythm & Blues into a whole new era, something like, “Trap & Blues. Not only does Semaj Lee has an ear for all music, he also has an eye for fashion that he expresses in his clothing & accessories line, Verified Rebel. Lets get to know Semaj Lee… -

"Semaj Lee's Music"

Creatively speaking his music is a sound of his own, mixing styles of such from the 90's r&b era and the classic chopped & screwed sound from the dirty south. This Houston native sets the mood with his first single from his debut project "Loving On You" giving the listener a dose of a country trill scene, but with manners of course. - Big Billa Productions

"New music: Loving On You by: Semaj Lee"

Semaj Lee, Singer/Songwriter from Houston,TX. USA with a new single "Loving on you" his style of music is coined as "Trap&Blues Music you can compare him to a Kid Kudi/drake/jhene aiko style of music Naija this guy is really good JUST CLICK DOWNLOAD and watch this amazing video below - John Ocheja

"FoxNAIJA Presents. Semaj Lee "Loving On You"

New Artist - Fox Naija

"Music By: Semaj Lee"

Semaj Lee, Singer/Songwriter from Houston,TX. USA with a new single "Loving on you" his style of music is coined as "Trap&Blues Music you can compare him to a Kid Kudi/drake/jhene aiko style of music - PVOBS.ORG

"Remixed & Blasted: Semaj Lee "Loving On You""

Dope New Indie Artist - Remixed&

"Semaj Lee- Lovin' On You (Video) Wussup World"

Ass, animation, and R&B. I’m not Slim and this ain’t the #VOTD but it’s still share-worthy. Semaj Lee is a singer/songwriter from Houston, TX who has categorized his music into a new subgenre of R&B called Trap & Blues. One thing I love is a musical illusion and this is one of them. At first listen, Semaj Lee’s smooth and romantic voice makes you think Loving On You is about a romantic time filled with love and all that chick flick type of affection… Then you see the video. The trippy effects and twerk clips make you second guess your judgement. Is this song as loving as it sounds? No, it is not. Unless getting a grand dropped onto your ass is your definition of love.

Semaj Lee can sang. No questions asked. And after stalking his Soundcloud, I feel comfortable saying that his music is a good contribution to R&B. People tend to get caught up on how they think music should sound. To me, it’s all about the execution and he delivers the sound he wants to bring perfectly. He gives me a Weeknd kind of feel with lyrics about women, sex, drugs, and living life on the edge. From what I heard, Semaj Lee’s music can’t get you through a bad breakup but it’ll leave the ladies feeling sexy (and isn’t that what we all want deep down inside?). Peep the video for Loving On You from the upcoming project, Lonestar, below. - Staff


Still working on that hot first release.