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Semaj is a visionary sharing the truth about life’s journey. Aligned and delivered with an all male, 7 member ensemble of talented and committed musicians, she stands strong with these gentlemen to represent a forceful music movement that will progressively alter the music scene.


“It’s music that’s a little left of center.” -Semaj, 2007

Semaj rightfully names their website, because upon listening to it, you realize that its self-title best describes it – a raw, yet innovative musical journey influenced by past and present hip hop and soul predecessors, infused with poignant messages that gives a universal voice to an array of messages. Meaning “One Society” in Hindi, Semaj looks to emerge as a voice that speaks universally to its audience, with intentions to spread self-identity and authenticity.

A Chicago born and New Orleans bred balladeerist, Semaj leads a 7-piece band that conjures up the elements of some of her influences, such as Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott. Combined with an agility to perform by combining an acting and spoken word platform, Semaj’s unique approach to hip-hop, soul and rock will resonate in the palates of connoisseurs alike. From each tragedy and triumph, Semaj’s music exposes itself in rare form, sans the glitz and glamour. A graduate of the University of Illinois-Champlain with a degree in Performance Studies, Semaj’s background includes a stint as director of Rap City on BET, as well as producer and director of a hip-hop project brought to the off-Broadway stage.

“I have a desire to relate to people on a mass level and bring life stories to the forefront,” says Semaj. “I don’t come with complex messages or ideas; they are simple and done to start conversations and dialogues between people.”

Like her predecessors, it’s extremely important for Semaj to bring messages to the masses on an artistic level that positively represents black women on a larger scale. She credits the ‘90’s movement, her upbringing in both New Orleans and Chicago, and her daily on goings with love and relationships as being part of her regime for influential music. Semaj’s lyrics repeatedly challenge its listeners—to listen, and to feel, while representing funky intelligence.

2008 has been a successful year for Semaj thus far. On the heals of a second place win in the Shure Microphones and Sam Ash Music Present: OriginalSessions National Band Search, Semaj also placed as a semi-finalist in the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence) and NABFEME "BREAKING THE SILENCE IN SONG" theme song competition. The “BREAKING THE SILENCE IN SONG” theme competition was an inspiring evening of song and honors held at the New York Society for Ethical Culture. An impressive list of celebrity judges included Grammy Award winning Singer, Michael Bolton, Cissy Houston, Ben E. King, Kevin Liles and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, who recently won an Emmy.

Semaj continues to focus on the release of her Fall 2008 album, affectionately titled Relatable, as well as performing in upcoming shows in New York City and throughout the United States. For more information on Semaj, please visit



Written By: Semaj Collins Douglas

: L-o-v-e - U - C - I feel it crazy - L-o-v-e - I - C - U - as my baby
L-o-v-e - S - O - S - will it save me? - L-o-v-e - I love the way you loving me

Verse 1:
It's that feeling in your heart when you know it from the start - it's that feeling soul make your half completly whole -
it's that feeling in your body raising tempertures to hottie - it's that feel ing can't hide - won't deny - no need to lie...

Verse 2:
Observations of your style caught my attention - conversation crumbles walls like a intervention -
but it's more then the physical - add in emotional - multiply spiritual - and when it gets complicated - acclimate - appreciate -
celebrate it - never underrate it - betray it or jade - never outdate it - keep it upgraded...

Verse 3:
I know you'll be the best one - come on boy - i wanna get me some - we'll see who's first to run - don't say finished, if I'm not done -
we'll have lots of fun - rough play - sex games with no guns - foreplay all day makes me stay - want you loving everyday
Silk sheets - strawberry treats - this hot beat - makes me weak - right here boy - it's you i seek - i wanna be your best one - come correct i might give you some -
stay protected - not ready for a son - me and you gonna get it done - roller-coaster ride until the morning come!



Set List

We have material for either a 45 min or a 90min set