Semantics is a band born under a bad sign. Half whiskey and half stale potato chips and cigarettes, Semantics turns on the rock while ripping your face off, keeping you unbelievably close to the grave. We have come for your ears and by god we shall have them.


Justin Young and David Goad met while playing in a not to be named, now defunct band. After a short tour and one CD later. The band fell apart leaving them in the wake. After a couple different name changes, Semantics was born in 2007. It took a while to finally get the band to the line-up that exists today. With the addition of Devin Lane on bass and Chad Mason on Vocals and 2nd guitar the band is stronger than even. Chad is from the other side of the pond and gives the music an energetic and original take on rock and roll. Devin is a unbelievably talented musician that adds the low ended needed for a special brand of rock and roll. Together they form Semantics.

Producing a much needed breath of fresh air for rock and roll in Ventura County, Semantics lets the music speak for itself.


Uk based internet radio show 'The Radio Rejects' currently has "Lost Along The Way" and "I'm Alright" in it's rotation.

UCLA radio has just added "Lost Along The Way" to their rotation.

Set List

Our typical set high-energy and rocking.