A genre-defying blend of Classical Middle Eastern and Arabic Music elements, Electronica, Pop, and Classic Rock; contageously melodic music and soul stirring lyrics set to ancient and modern rythems and grooves.


In 2006 the band 'Eden Mi Qedem shocked the world (well, maybe not the WHOLE world!) with it's debut CD: World music? Psychedelic Jam band? Middle Eastern rock? The bands music is such a natural blend of East/West Rock/Pop, English/Arabic/and Hebrew lyrics, that people from all spectrums have come to appreciate it. Over the past year the band came to feel that a name change was in order, to reflect their continuing journeys: Semantra.

"Semantra" are ancient wooden percussion instruments that have been used throughout the Middle East for over millenium. Their main purpose: To summon people to prayer.

Semantra also is a hybrid word: semantic+mantra. This connection needs to be contemplated in order to be understood.


mamzuru hamdin

Written By: Psalm 100

A Song of Thanksgiving
Shout with joy unto God, all the earth
Worship God with gladness;
Come into His presence with singing.
Know that Adho-nai/Allah is God.
It is He that made us, and we are His... the flock of His pasture
Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.
Thank Him; bless His name.
For the Good is good; Forever is His kindness and His faithfulness extends to all the generations.

Desert Call

Written By: Samuel Nelson

We’re born into the sand,
palms stretched out, infinite hands.
For generations generations the same call,
constantly reminding us what here for…
We’re walking on the edge,
of holding on and letting go.
From with out from within ourselves beyond our minds,
subtly answering us all the time.

But the truth beyond words is always clear,
hints of it in this and that and everything even in our thoughts.

If there was a song which makes it clear
what you want from me, I’d sing it.
If there is a way to make known to me
where I should be, I’d be there.
If there was such a thing as revelation, I’d do
and I’d hear.
The time is gonna’ come when you and the creation
will be as one. Please, look into our eyes.

Please look into our eyes,
and tell us; were our fathers right or wrong,
in the way they heard your light the way they saw your voice,
in the language that the chose to call your sacred name?

There’s not a single place,
the beginning endless light don’t shine.
A thousand ways to turn away from you,
a thousand ways you give us to come back again.

But the truth beyond words is always clear,
breathing life into this world drawing us closer to it.


Debut title album "'Eden Mi Qedem" (Ancient Eden)
June 2006

Set List

Original songs from the disk and others, Classic Rock Covers (with ethnic twist), and popular Middle Eastern covers