Semaphore is the first cold beer on a summer's day and the taste in your mouth the morning after


Semaphore is waking up in the morning and realising that you've sacrificed the best part of your youth and sanity for an ideal that's becoming less black and white with every passing day. Semaphore is walking in the opposite direction to everybody else at nine am and wondering if they'll ever see the morning through the same eyes as you


Don't Look Back

Written By: Louis Brennan

Well you say I only see
What I choose to believe
You say how did a young man
Ever grow so naïve
You say you won’t find a savior
In that book that you read
So you’d better get out while you can
Leave everything you don’t need
And don’t look back
No, don’t look back

Don’t write me letters
With your words so overused
Old friends that you think you can trust
You can’t just dress them up in something new
Sometimes the heart is an alibi
To cover up our mistakes
I guess we never realise
One day that heart’s gonna break

We’re all gonna go to hell
Living like this
Can’t you tell?

You say you tried in vain to tell me
Tell me what the hell is that supposed to mean
Trying to find the spine in your back
Is like trying to find a needle in a haystack
The heart aint no alibi
It don’t cover up our mistakes
One day you’re gonna realise
It means more to give than to take

We’re all gonna go to hell
Living like this
Can’t you tell?

We’re all gonna go to hell
Living like this
Can’t you tell?

Miss cool Talker

Written By: Louis Brennan

Miss cool talker aint nobody’s daughter
She’s a little bo peep leading the lambs to the slaughter
But she doesn’t know about the time that I caught her
Through the cracks in the door
Lying on the bedroom floor

And that street walker could be your daughter
See how she drinks from the bottle just to feel a little warmer
But she won’t feel nothing when the next kerb crawler
Sinks his teeth into her thighs
Tomorrow she’ll be getting high

And the fat man with womanly hands in middle management plans
To cut back on spending to meet the demands
Of the members of the board so you’d better understand
When you’re bottom of the ladder
Your opinion doesn’t matter

And the devils made a deal with Christ
This time they’re gonna do it right
Sold the television rights the son of god returning live
Pay-per-view apocalypse and all your favourites crucified
The nation in the grip of the pale blue light


Through the crowd on a Saturday night
I stop on the corner to give a tramp a light
He says nobody wants to look into his eyes
Because they might see someone that they recognize
And I lie in bed all through the next day
It’s such a waste to be lazy when you’re young and afraid
And you know that it hurts but you can’t locate the pain
You’re on your own there’s noone else
That even gives a damn

Well the great white hope met the great white lie
And for the purposes of progress they agreed to compromise
They said comfort is a sedative we recommend you try
Now the lamb has been fattened
And is ready to die

And I said 1-2-3-4 the people all said give us more
5-6-7-8 we want it now no we can’t wait
You got the keys to the kingdom and you blew off the gate
Now the angels are all refugees
Their eyes full of hate

In The Morning

Written By: Louis Brennan

So tell me what happens next
We took some risks and now we’re scared of the side effects
And in the morning you cannot reconcile
All the things that you feel
With the things we did last night
And I’m ashamed to say
You know I always get my way
And now I’ve made you hurt
I will be walking away


And in the morning when you clean out all the ashtrays
Of all the cigarettes that we smoke
Empty bottles on the floor
I will be closing your door
Behind me I will be
Closing your door

So tell me what happens next
It’s not like we’re lovers it’s not like we only just met
I will put on my shirt and you will cross your legs
And make conversation
With the stranger who’s been sleeping in your bed
And all the feelings that were sleeping in your head
Surround you now
They surround you now

Ground Zero

Written By: Louis Brennan

There are no songs in this walls today
The one that I love the most has gone
Gone away
And I think of words
that I would like to say to her
When we will be together

And I hang suspended over the city
All around for miles there is no one
I long for her voice
Just for some words
To make me feel like I’m someone

My hands are swollen
My demons know the damage they have done
My hanger comes undone sometimes
But I love you
I always will do
I hope you realise

My ground zero
A love that is devastating
A sun that is constantly setting on me
But I love you
I always will do
Why don’t you open you’re eyes and see


Semaphore have released their debut album in november 2008 to widely positive reviews, all tracks are streamed on the band's website

Set List

Our sets are quite variable but normally last 35-45 minutes we don't do covers