Semiblind is a groove-rock band that skirts a harder edge at times but is also willing to mellow things out. They produce a distinct sound with powerful male and female vocals, diesel driven guitar, solid, thumping bass lines, and thunderous drums.


Semiblind was formed in September of 2003 bringing together musicians from all over Delmarva. They started performing gigs regularly in February of 2004. They are currently performing all over Delmarva and are working toward branching out further and getting their music heard anywhere they can.

They have done live recordings for radio shows such as; 95.9 FM's Local Lixx, and X106.9 FM's Exposed. They were also a featured band on Local Traxx, X106.9 FM's live show with Crazy Eddie. Their music is on rotation and available for request at X106.9 FM and 93.5 The Beach. Semiblind was recently featured in Salisbury Daily Times ""Go"" section and in the Maryland and Delaware Beachcomber. This band is on the rise!


Semiblind is in the process of producing their debut CD soon to be released! Semiblind tracks can be requested on X106.9 FM and 93.5 The Beach.

Set List

Semiblind plays a wide variety of classic and modern rock covers with their own originals thrown in the mix. Covers range from Nancy Sinatra to Godsmack, Creedence Clearwater to Evanessence, and much more! A typical night includes 3 one hour sets with breaks in between.