"The debut from London/Chicago/Jakarta's experimental twinke-pop trio sounds like Flaming Lips, Fleetwood Mac & Cyndi Lauper jamming in a comic book store. Give this your attention & you'll soon find it indispensable" NME


Upon becoming friends, things kicked into gear and projects were conjured up, films were shot, music recorded, bands commenced and finished. Semifinalists emerged after this creative dust settled and is our ship we decided to sail the emotional terrain with. Imagine all the 80’s pop hit records, melted into one huge blob, re-cut and re-constructed by King Crimson, this is where our hearts met. Across a sea of art direction, music production & video conception. Everything you see & hear on this EPK has been made by Adriana, Ferry & Chris. Signed to London's V2 in May 2005, currently working on sophomore material.


Show The Way/Your Heart (7") - UK (v2 - nov 2005)
You Said/Whispering Mice (7") - UK (v2 - march 2006)
Semifinalists (CD LP download) - UK (v2 - april 2006)
DC/Moonlight Bounced (7") - UK (v2 - june 2006)
Semifinalists DVD (DVD) - UK (v2 - june 2006)

Set List

8 songs
Full visual projections behind
1 cover of whitney houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"