Yet another argument for Victoria being the musical promised land... at least as far as bands go... Semi-Louise reminds me of Flash and the Pan if they had been fronted by Janis Joplin instead of that monotone talking guy." - Red Cat Records Newsletter


Semi-Louise stems from the remains of the thriving all ages scene of Vancouver Island of the late nineties. Stylistically speaking their musical sense has evolved from their punk rock roots and the band has developed a deep pop sensibility, but their altruism and principles remain. Having rubbed elbows and instruments with members of bands such as Wolf Parade, Hot Hot Heat and Ghost House, the Semis deliver a high energy performance replete with a good kick of psychedelia.
Their lead singer is a classically trained ex-opera singer and quite literally has a voice like a semi-truck. Grieve's voice is enhanced by the wonderfully off-kilter pop riffs provided by Mike Rheault and Pete Raskovsky, Guitar and Bass respectively.
The addition of Mike "Spooky" Martin on drums has only solidified this bands tunes on a heavy level. Semi-Louise is here to stay and your John Tesh Live at Red Rocks won't save you now.


Agents For Beehive (Magic Teeth Records) 2005
The Widow Love (TBA) Scheduled for release 2008

Bill Budd - The Perogy Cat Singles (Magic Teeth Records) 2007
Bill Budd - Tribute to Rusty Willoughby (Magic Teeth Records) TBA
Teen Rebel Roller Coaster (Online Distibution)