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"2010 LP Half Open Minds"

'Half Open Minds successfully delivers the band's quest to produce musical guitar leading rock. Ben Downing, lead vocals and guitar, creates an interesting tone to the album. His thoughtful and crafty use of lyrics really does portray the band's professional approach to the Indie/Rock scene.'
- Jovanovic, Music SA March 2010

'Half Open Minds expresses what Semi-Normal is trying to achieve, an album with memorable songs accompanied with deep controlled vocals and guitar sounds.'
- Jovanovic, Music SA March 2010
- Music SA

"Album Review"

This album is very well-produced and full of ambiance with its range of tracks, from the slow and wistful, to an oriental feel, and an Oasis-slanted energy tune. Semi-Normal is a 3-piece band that have the ability to go far in the music charts.
- DJ Carla, Something Over There, 2009 - 3D Radio

"Semi-Normal/ The Aves/ The Systemaddicts"

They introduced a third distinct musical style into the mix, with their dense britpop compositions providing an interesting juxtaposition to the opening bands
- Szlapek-Sewillo, 2010 - DB Magazine


So Much for Sanity (EP) (2011)

Half Open Minds (LP) (2009)
Feature Length Debut Album



Oasis and the Verve spooning while The Dandy Warhols are rehearsing in the next room is the easiest way to describe the sound of Semi-Normal. The ‘British pop/rock’ influenced four piece from Adelaide, Australia have recently completed work on their second feature record, So Much for Sanity, and are currently preparing for its release.

Semi-Normal is fronted by vocalist/guitarist Ben Downing, whose powerful voice and song writing prowess has given them the base for the band’s unique yet somehow familiar sound. Alongside him stands Matty Parsons, whose explosive guitar solos add to the lush and driven arrangements that are quintessential to the Semi-Normal sound. The rhythm is supported by newest member Will Allen, who can get a musical noise out of just about anything. In Semi-Normal however, he plays the bass guitar. Finally the backbone of Semi-Normal comes by way of the energetic and articulated drumming of Dave Smith.

So Much for Sanity is an eclectic mix of songs demonstrating Semi-Normal’s range and their desire to create quality music. With layered guitars, powerful melodies, vibrant harmonies and a tambourine the band are extremely excited about the record that they have managed to create with producer Matt Hills. Semi-Normal endeavour not to produce songs that all sound the same, but rather create a tapestry of varying moods and sounds whilst still having a unified feel. While being what the band feels is a widely accessible record, they also note that they have not compromised its integrity to make it so. The songs are true to what they are.

Semi-Normal formed in a car park behind a bowling alley by long-time friends, Ben, Chris (former guitarist) and Dave. This trend of making major decisions in car parks was one that continued when choosing their bass player (Mandy), naming their band and also naming their debut album ‘Half Open Minds’. With their line up completed Semi-Normal began performing live shows around Adelaide in 2006.

Half Open Minds, the first professionally produced record of the bands career was released in 2009. The album enjoyed success in the local radio charts, also seeing favourable reviews and offering the band more live opportunities. Semi-Normal again began performing regularly around Adelaide, as well as performing at festivals such as Scorcherfest, and most recently at the inaugural Sounds of Suburbia, billed alongside acts such as The Shiny Brights and The KillGirls.

The departure of original lead guitarist Chris Johnson, saw the addition of Matty Parsons whose love of indie rock and all things guitar, injected new energy into the band. With this addition Semi-Normal directed more focus in to developing their stage craft and aspiring to offer an engaging live experience regardless of the venue.

Semi-Normal strive as always to create great music, write great songs, play loud guitars, and make career decisions in car parks. Always in the pursuit of perfection.