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"Semiotics - Say Something EP"

Whooboy, these types of reviews are always fun. This is one of those times I get to rave adamantly about a band I’m confident you haven’t heard. I have the extreme privilege of introducing the masses (250 and counting!) to Semiotics. Say Something may only have six songs, but this is a powerful compilation. Each intelligently progressive track shows off another gift from these seriously talented dudes. And I mean dude in the most respectful of ways.

I would like to think my musical tastes are in tune with wide varieties of people. Also, I’m an idiot. Thus (thus?), I hardly make blanket claims about the “Next Like Totally Huge” band. What do I know? For my sanity, that will remain a rhetorical question. Self-loathing aside, Say Something translates well across boundaries. For those hardcore fans that rarely find lighter worthwhile music, Semiotics is here. For pop-punk kids (Hi there!) looking to gain indie cred, Semiotics is here.

Take the pleasing and crashing guitars and sophisticated piano of “Bred Of Soil And Sun.” Todd Means’ tentative, fleeting voice sounds strong in any atmosphere. And he doesn’t seem to get tired either, as is evident on 7+ minute “Terracotta Soldiers.” The progressive nature of Semiotics never mires in too much feedback or too little melody. Guitars chug heavily at times (“Pay The Man”), but also get freaky with technical solos (“Asymmetry”). Sporadically placed strings and female vocals give Semiotics an experienced sheen most young bands can only dream about. This is no ordinary unsigned band.

“Parable:Deluge” features a scary, lullaby-like piano. Means’ voice is rough in its lower register and the disjointed riffs make things wonderfully terrifying. The audible landscapes throughout Say Something are quite vivid, and Semiotics sound bigger than expected.

Remember, however, I am a whimp. I don’t normally stand in front of the firing squad like this. Let’s hope Semiotics is as bulletproof as I think they are. And after wasting nearly 4 minutes of your life with my own opinions, it seems counterintuitive to simply resign myself to the fact that Semiotics' success depends on you. Alas (alas?), majority rules. You decide.

Recommended If You Like: Circa Surive, Mute Math, fine print, Damiera, new environments - (Blake Solomon)


March 2007-Say Something EP
December 2008-Therio



Chris Allen, Jason Cannan, Daniel Casey and Todd Means formed Semiotics in 2005 with the intent to play acoustic, folk-oriented rock songs. After only a few months the band transformed and began fusing that melodic, mellow sound with complex, interweaving guitar parts, neo-classical arpeggios, and driving bass. These sounds are brought together by Means’ thoughtful lyrics and vocal melodies and the band’s fascination with syncopated, asymmetrical rhythms. All of these elements lead the band in different directions for each song; some songs combine French jazz and punk while others contain elements of jazz, blues, pop, ragtime, latin rhythm, and post-rock ambience. By borrowing from these musical traditions the band has constructed a sound that is diverse and vibrant both in the studio and on the stage.