Garage Glam Rock Heroes. Stunning, dirty, cunty, genius.


"If The Sweet had had brains, they still couldn't have been more colorfully contagious than this going-for-it gang who's compelling lead vocalist frontman is a 21st Century Boy mutant morphing of Ziggy with a bad hangover, Iggy with a mad stylist and Freddie Mercury on the high notes."- The Legendary BP Fallon

Semi-Precious-Weapons is known as NYCs garage glam rock heroes. Having only formed in August of 2005, their buzz and fan base would suggest that of a band that has been at it for years. Their outlandish but solid live show is getting some serious attention from all types of New Yorkers, and after extremely successful east coast and mid-west tours this summer, the whole country is starting to catch on. Crazy teenagers, fashionistas, guitar geeks and businessmen who want to look at the freaks are all coming out to the shows and having an amazing time together. The word of S-P-W is also spreading very fast due to the Jewelry line inspired by the bands gun and heart logo that lead singer, Justin Precious Tranter, has created. The jewelry line is selling out all over the country at Urban Outfitters, and a high-end version is now being sold at Barneys NY. The jewelry and the band will be featured in Teen People and Marie Claire, and CosmoGirl this coming fall. Forget Jlo and Pdiddy, this borderline tranny is the new face of cross marketing! The other exciting part of the Semi-Precious-Weapons story is their undeniable musicianship and songwriting skills, but who really gives a fuck about that! Whether its a costume change, a hit song, a vocal range, a guitar solo, or an on stage fight that brings the hundreds of people out to their shows isnt the point, the point is that they come! For more info please visit


The Precious EP 2005

Debut full length to be release in Nov of 2006

Set List

50 Minutes Long
No Covers

Snap A Shot
Bleed To Heal
Dirty Lady
Time Zones
Me So Sorry
Rock And Roll Never Looked So Beautiful
Magnetic Baby
The Other Side