The Semis

The Semis


The Semis are a compelling mix of nutjobs, staggering along the line between trying too hard and not caring a bit!


Most of what you've heard about idiosyncratic local rock trio The Semis is based, in some part, in truth. That when they're on, they're damn near untouchable, and when they're off, they're so far off as to redefine the term "live entertainment." That their slinky, dynamic "Asian Girls" might be the best three or four minutes currently being played by a Bay area band.
Shark Program Director on WSUN 97.1(97x) says this "The Semi's are electric! They don't just write songs and put on a great live show! They crafts pieces of art and command your attention every time they walk out on stage! This is THE band to watch in the Tampa Bay area!"

The Semis single "crowned Out" has stayed in the top 10 on since October. Two of our songs were also featured in a full length film "Dropped Frames" which was featured at The Sarasota Film Fest.


Set List

Are set consists of all orginals