Semisextile is an in your face modern alternative band that gets in your head and refuses to go away. Their music is driven by unforgettable vocal melodies and commanding guitars.


Semisextile is a four-piece rock/alternative band from Columbus, Ohio. Musically ranging from hard rock to softer ballads, Semisextile mixes various music types to create a unique sound that has mass crowd appeal. Their debut album, Sensory Overdose (2002), has been praised by fans and media alike. Their unforgettable melodies and compelling rhythms have gained them sponsorships from Jagermeister and Sam Ash Music Stores and shows across the country opening slots for several national bands such as Alter Bridge, Submersed, Theory of a Deadman, Blue October, and Stroke 9. Semisextile took it up a notch with the release of Below The Surface (2004) and opened a new door for their music to be heard by new audiences.
With a wide variety of cover songs and two albums full of originals, Semisextile can accomadate any type of performance in any venue, including an acoustic duo. With six years of performing under their belts, they continue to gain new fans each show.


Below the Surface(2004) - singles:Too Far Gone*
Wake Up*

Sensory Overdose(2002) - singles:Incubate
Round Again
*Getting Airplay

Set List

Our set list is usually different each show. If we do a mostly cover show, the set list includes songs by Green Day, Incubus, Our Lady Peace, just to name a few. Our typical originals set is 45 minutes, which is about 10 songs, mostly off our recent album Below The Surface, and some new songs.