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"Senate review in issue #104 of BW&BK"

Review by Aaron Small (BW&BK) - July 2007

"Don't be fooled by the jazzy instrumental intro. Senate erupt into an infuriated killing machine on 'Victorious Hatred', a song that instantly gets stuck in your head.

Combining elements of Black and Thrash metal with melodic hooks, these Canadians managed to tap the highly respected Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Witchery) to master this nine song sonic warhead. Arch Enemy is an apt starting point, simply for comparison's sake, however Senate quickly carve out their own bold niche.

Instinctively angry, the entire band possesses stealth-like precision, from battering blast beats to shredding dual guitars and skin-peeling vocals.

Believe in Senate!

9/10 - Bravewords & Bloodyknuckles (Aaron Small)

"Senate review from"

Review by Erik Thomas- June, 04 2007

Senate “The Great Northern Scenekill”

Despite the Pantera based album title, Canada’s Senate actually deliver one of the more solid self released efforts heard that’s up there with the likes of The Fifth Sun, Martriden, and Empyrean Eclipse as far as well put together, well packaged and well played self released efforts.

Armed with a Tue Madsen mastering job, as well as members of Martyr (Can) and Threat Signal for this recording, Senate rip their way through 8 (intro not withstanding) track of particularly savage and seething melodic death metal with hints of American Metal. However, the seething, almost black metal vocals of Matt DiFranco give the overall sound far more bite than their American contemporaries.

Whereas most melodic death metal or even American Metal tends to be a bit sugary and amicable, Senate’s tone, in part due to the vocals and the far more blistering riffs, Senate’s (virtually) synth free visage is one that has more in common with the more pure likes of early At The Gates, Darkest Hour, The Black Dahlia Murder, Arsis and such, but even then, they come across as leaner and meaner. Even with a few slightly more paced moments such as the intro or the mid-song break in “War Without End, Amen”, the acoustic start of “Whispers” the bulk of the album is a seething ball of razor sharp riffs, pummeling blasts, well placed but hardly friendly solos and vicious screams.

Venomous tracks like apt opener (after the intro) “Victorious Hatred”, “Queen of Sorrow”, “Crucifixer” vicious “Anti” and “Recommit Rising” and longer, slower tracks “Whispers” and epic, synth licked closer “Draconis” simply show a tight, well oiled band on the cusp of a record deal, and considering today’s musical climate, possible critical acclaim with little or no improvement or tweaking of their current sound. The only suggestion I would make is to not put the two more controlled, 6-plus minute tracks next to each other at the end of the album.

Otherwise, The Great Northern Scenekill is a damn stout release from a band I look to hear big things from in the future.

By Erik Thomas -

"Senate review in 06/26 issue of Metal Maniacs"

Genre-bending in the Canadian post-death fashion is the name of the game for this outfit, as the relentless debut full length implies. They've had all kinds of professional producers and studio guys to help 'em attain the perfection they desired, but even if this one bore a more unprofessional sound, the songs speak for themselves. Lifting the Swedish thrash template of At The Gates and Carnal Forge-style speed attacks and cyber-tech pummeling techniques a la Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad and Textures are intertwined to create a crushing, high-octane, pit-monger of a release. Could fit well on a death metal tour, metalcore festival or anything in between. I suspect bigger things are in the works... - Dave Brenner, Firing Squad column, Metal Maniacs, Sept 2007 issue - Metal Maniacs

"SENATE – The Great Northern Scenekill"

SENATE – The Great Northern Scenekill

Remember everything good you liked about early In Flames or At the Gates? The speed? The accuracy? The raw, visceral hatred pouring from the singers mouth the like a biblical plague? Now take that, add on ten years of metal evolution and forget that little thing called hardcore even happened and you've got SENATE. I know it seems trite, but SENATE is the real deal… Few bands can actually live up to the big names they're ever so often compared to, but SENATE can seriously hold their own.

Hailing from Quebec/Ontario, these Canadian trashers take no prisoners with their sound. In the Great Northern Scenekill, there is no need for cheesy breakdowns, only pummeling riffs brought on by the bands guitarists, Jay (Siebert) & (Jayson) Hudson. These are serious, old school riffs that will make fans of anyone from Maiden to Immortal think twice before passing up this band. Not to mention the drummer, Patrice (Hamelin), raises the bar a notch every other song. Between blast beats and precision drumming, I can't tell if the drumming gets me going more than the duel guitars. Together the total metal riffage and drums lay down the heart work for the icing on the cake – the vocals. Barrowing from so many influences, Matt (DiFranco), lead vocalist screams like he is atop the highest mountain of hell…you can almost taste the evil in his voice when listening to this album. Just combine the guitar riffs of the legendary Swedes (At the Gates, Carcass, Soilwork), the raw emotion that only could come from North America, and the meticulousness that comes with any legit metal album and you'll know you've found a diamond in the rough.

There is no messing around with this band. And for the first full-length release, this is some serious production quality too. Nothing is spared with SENATE; these are some dead serious Canadians who will soon no doubt join the ranks of their Canadian brethren Threat Signal, Kataklysm and Strapping Young Lad. There's no imitation here, this is original, extremely well produced, thrash death metal that you need to have. I won't lie when I say they might be the next big thing…SENATE is quality hate in a nicely packaged box.

Review by: Aub Driver
- The Gory Details Webzine, NY USA

"Review from Exclaim! Magazine."

Review by Jill Mikkelson- December 2007 Exclaim! Magazine

The Great Northern Scenekill

It is a rare feat for a band to release a record that sounds this good, not only musically but especially production-wise, without the connections and cash that come with signing to a label. With members from Threat Signal and Martyr, and hailing from both Ontario and Quebec, the hidden gem that is The Great Northern Scenekill offers an invigorating twist in the ever-eclectic Canadian underground. Senate draw influence from the European melody meets thrash stylising of bands like Darkane but incorporate a distinct North American edge along the lines of the Black Dahlia Murder, without the pseudo-black metal and tendency towards generics. Though some songs are needlessly long, the repetition isn’t mind numbing simply because it offers you another chance to absorb the awesome. Having already attracted a decent amount of hype from Canadian metal magazines, as well as a good deal of attention on their myspace page, it’s only a matter of time before they take their place alongside Canada’s other world class metal acts. (Independent) - Exclaim! Magazine

"Senate #3 in BW&BK's top 10 indie/demo releases of 2007"

That's right, issue #108 of BraveWords & Bloody Knuckles is out and they put our album "The Great Northern Scenekill" as #3 in the top 10 demo/indie releases of 2007!

1. Redeemer - 4 song EP
2. Divinity - Allegory
#3. Senate - The Great Northern Scenekill
4. The Ottoman Empire - Way Of The Blade
5. Ledyard - Demo 2007
6. Black Kreek - Power Of Reality
7. Cryogen - This Nightmare
8. Discrete - Absent Of Light
9. The Downward Candidate - Distort & Confuse
10. Remain - Died A Hero - Bravewords & Bloody Knuckles.

"Senate Appear in UNRESTRAINED! Magazine."

Just a quick heads up, there's an interview with us in this months issue of UNRESTRAINED! magazine. Run to your local magazine shop and grab a copy! I'll be adding a text transcript and scan of the actual article in the next day or two.

- Sean Palmerston / Adrian Bromley


Nov 2005- The Queen Of Sorrow (EP)
Dec 2006- The Great Northern Scenekill (LP)
Aug 2009- In The Kingdom Of Gods (Demo)

SENATE is currently number 2 in Canada on the Thrash Metal charts, number 3 on the Death Metal charts, and number 10 on the overall Metal chart (May 13 2009)

'Queen Of Sorrow' is receiving internet radio play on several stations and sites such as Audio Aggression (NYC), Metal Rage Radio (Detroit, MI), The Killswitch Stream (Seattle,WA), KWTF,PURE ROCK RADIO and ALL AROUND RADIO (, Pure Grain Radio (Toronto, ON), Hard Beyond Driven (CKRG 89.9FM Toronto, ON).

SENATE has been number one on Hamilton college radio (Feb 6-Feb 20, 2007):



SENATE combine Thrash, Black Metal, Tech and Progressive Metal to forge an ultra-aggressive, hook- laden style of their own.

On Dec 17 2006, SENATE independently released its full length debut album 'The Great Northern Scenekill'. The (self-financed) record was recorded at Silo Studio in Hamilton, ON with Producer Julius "Juice" Butty (Alexisonfire, Protest The Hero, Cancer Bats).

The album was mastered at Antfarm Studios in Denmark by Tue Madsen (Rob Halford, Lamb Of God, The Haunted).

In Summer, 2009 SENATE will return to the Silo with Julius Butty once again at the helm to demo 3 new songs, and intend on released their second full length in spring 2010.

Senate has been featured in several magazines including 'Metal Maniacs', 'Unrestrained!', and 'Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles' who named 'The Great Northern Scenekill' as one of the top 3 independent albums of 2007.

Senate has also received generous amounts of airplay on several internet and college radio stations, as well as extensive coverage in many webzines across the world.