Orford, New Hampshire, USA

Senayit is African Folk Pop in English. Awakening a tribal and grounding energy, drawing from an incredible array of influences, including 80s pop, traditional Chinese, Indian, and Haitian music, Indonesian gamelan, Jazz, and everything in between. It is not just music for your soul but something that is happening to you, around you, and never quite leaves you.


From the White Mountains of New Hampshire emerges singer/songwriter Senayit, an artist capable of guiding her listeners on an intimate journey by awakening a tribal and grounding energy.

Senayit was born to create a distinctive and far-reaching life and sound, a woman of Ethiopian heritage, she was raised in New York City and grew up on 80s pop, as well as traditional Ethiopian, Chinese, Indian and Haitian music by way of her multi-cultural family. She later studied in Indonesian gamelan music during college.

A prolific writer and songstress, she has independently released six albums since 1998, the seventh, "Of Body", recorded live with her band, will be released in February 2012. She draws upon her breadth of life experience, from living on boats in the Puget Sound, her travels by land and sea through this country and beyond, to her horse farm in the mountains of New Hampshire, and combines these adventures with a deep and broad view of the emotional, mental, and spiritual journeys that are familiar to all, regardless of circumstance. This depth and empathetic communication pushes her music far away from the norm and into a defining space all her own. Her dynamic range, vocal expression and poetic style weave an eclectic, even wild thread of sound throughout her honest and accessible lyrics.

"I believe that the sharing of music, both by playing and by listening, is a sacred act of giving and receiving on both sides," says Senayit. "Many artists feel they have a gift to give and they bring it to a passive listener. We believe the listener is as much a part of this journey and as important as the creation and performance of the music. This is a balance to be aware of, we need to recognize the gifts our listeners bring us."

Senayit envelopes you to the point of a visceral, physical connection. It is music for your soul and something that is happening to you, around you, and never quite leaves you.


(Self Titled)
Waters of Life
Comfort & Loss
In the Dark

Set List

In The Dark
Some Fool
Beautiful People
I Want You
Everything I Have