'live, organic-rooted synth-flavored music that could either slip into the back of your head or occupy your entire consciousness' (nublu records)



s e n d

function : verb

: to propel in a particular direction, DELIVER, DRIVE
: to cause to happen
: to dispatch by a means of communication
: to pour out, UTTER, EMIT
: to grow out (parts) in the course of development
: to cause to be carried to a destination

function : noun

: the lift of a wave


Send's music is a unique expression of the process of unification. The group draws inspiration from IDM, gamelan, funk, minimalism, and ambient music using acoustic instruments and electronics to recontextualize ideas and roles. During the improvisational process, send flows with the changing energies of a set while seeking the emergent pattern, which brings the form into focus.


Send was born in Brooklyn in Fall 2003 of four long-time friends with an interest in balancing the freedom of collective improvisation with the structure of composition. Since then, the band has been steadily building a loyal fan base in New York City playing weekly before KUDU ( @ NUBLU ( located in the East Village. They have also performed at Tonic, Knitting Factory, SOB's, Mercury Lounge, Lion's Den & Tribeca Rock Club. Send is becoming increasingly involved in cross-media projects--performing interactive sets with computer video art and live painting.


send | (august 2004)
live? EP (may 2005)

Set List

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