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"Wouldn't it be cool if the Mars Volta and Godspeed You! Black Emperor joined forces to create a supergroup?"


"We are not here...
This is not happening..."

At times both fragile and heart pounding, Seneca's unique, ambitious brand of indie post-prog has earned them glowing reviews among today's independent critics and left a lasting impression on many a discerning listener . A leading Boston Buzz band, Seneca's New England performances have been selling out in support of their debut EP, "Existe." Conceptually exploratory, they employ an aggressive and complex rhythm section, juxtaposed with ethereal, atmospheric guitars, melodic vocals, and intricate thematic progressions.

Like Led Zeppelin or The Police 35 years ago, Seneca proposes a new sound that challenges an ailing music industry and an eager audience, akin to such current visionaries as The Mars Volta, Sigur-Ros, and Godspeed you! Black Emperor. What has been hailed by critics as a “Must-See Live Act,” Seneca are fresh off a 6 week National Tour, and are booking an even more extensive outing, following the release of their full length album, for the fall of 2005.

“Everywhere you turn your attention in this band, there is something amazing going on.”
-Steve Gisselbrecht, The Noise – 11.12.04


Engines Descend

Written By: J. Hassell

So turn your gaze away
This tale may burn your eyes

Across a tempted plain
Through twisted cityscapes
Condemned and steeped in ether
Await the rains again

Pull yourself away
Do not hesitate, no

Shadows of worlds are made
As dreams do shatter and fall

Afraid my time may come
If time could come at all

Hide all the ones they came for
Forget the angel's fate to fall

With faith torn strand by strand
He said with a heavy heart
"So you think you'll start a war
Embrace a rising storm?"

Pull yourself away
From the fears they've laid, no

But as he faced them
They called to beg him

City shakes as the worlds collide
Fate fades into bitter night
Victims fall under foreign eyes

As they stood on their foreign lines
Stone and city were birthed to die
Skies opened a torrent fight
To wash the wars away

The Flood

Written By: J. Hassell

All through this wasteland
Will pour a river

And though they face me
The cold will follow

What once would save me
Is gone forever

Water for everyone
But I can't stay
Oh God, the rain will pour

May time mistake me
Lay numb forever

Water for everyone
But I can't stay

They'll drag you through mud again
You'll witness the flood again

I am waiting for someone
Still following no one


EP - "Existe" - Featuring "The Flood"
miniEP - "Observations"
Coming Fall 2005: Full length, currently Untitled

Set List

May 3 @ T.T. the Bear's (45 min.):

Achilles' Last Stand
"Jack Bauer 2"
Prologue: First Splendor Pales ->
Engines Descend ->
The Flood ->
The March:
A: "...if time could come at all"
B: A Lament
C: Epilogue: The Last Dusk

July 14 @ Great Scott (1 hour):

Flood fakeout ->
"Piano 1"
The Flood
Achilles Last Stand
A Lament