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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Chicago Tribune"

“The ensemble Seneke gives a thunderous performance on the Hothouses opening night.”
“A galvanic performance by Seneke”

- Howard Reich

"Tam Tam Mandingue Professor"

“Seneke ensemble is a high energy djembe orchestra that has done what many other more seasoned ensembles have not: pay strict attention to accurately representing the tradition of the djembe. Many ensembles mix African traditions together, most of the time unknowingly, due to lack of attention to study and technique, which ends up diluting and misrepresenting the very traditions that they purport to be upholding, but not Seneke! Lead by Sekou Conde on the drum side and Tosha Alston on the dance side, they are an incredible force of djembe orchestra music! Don’t miss Seneke!”

- Michael Taylor


“I really enjoyed their performance because it wasn’t just great percussion and dance, they went further into an educational component to their performance”
- Myschisms

"Taste of Chicago"

“Seneke is a celebration of life, culture, tradition that must not be missed! The power of Sekou Conde’s drumming, combined with the explosive beauty of his dancers will reaffirm your joy of life.”
- Lisa Dobson, Stage Manager

"Orthogenic School (University of Chicago)"

We invited the Seneke Ensemble to come to our school to give a performance for our high school students. I was worried that our students would be resistant to participating (as many teens are), but the Seneke Ensemble so impressed them that, by the end of the performance, the students were up and dancing and clapping along to the music. It was a thrill to see! The show was a wonderful
experience for them and, moreover, they were able to gain a better understanding of an amazing culture."
- Ellie Badesch

"Kalahari Resorts"

“Seneke’s performance was an excellent display of Traditional Cultures of Africa.”
- Department of Productions


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Sénéké is an ensemble of committed artists that skillfully teach and perform traditional forms of West African music, song and dance. The ensemble was created by Master Percussionist Sekou Conde (center) in 2005. Sénéké is a Malinke word meaning cultivation. Sekou's dream was to bring about the formation of an eclectic group of musicians and dancers from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Consequently, in terms of seeking a practical application for his philosophy, Conde established Sénéké as a means of advancing the concept that by cultivating rhythmic patterns of expression based on harmony, love, and understanding; peaceful modes of living can be achieved for all human beings vis-à-vis comprehension of the many simple complexities extant in traditional African cultures.
Our mission is to educate as well as entertain audiences throughout the world about the rare beauty and soulful artistry of traditional West African cultures, which permeates every aspect of both material and non-material existence, including astronomy, biology/ecology, law, mathematics, philosophy, and theology—just to name a few. The human family is anxiously awaiting deeper awareness of the fact that Africa, as the universal source of all life on planet earth, represents a wellspring of knowledge that can contribute immeasurably to enhancing living standards, promoting global cooperation, and transcending long-standing differences by focusing on shared values. Sénéké Ensemble reflects the process by which we may all grow together by learning to appreciate what traditional African culture has to say about who we are and what we have in common.