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Warren, Rhode Island, United States | SELF

Warren, Rhode Island, United States | SELF
Band Rock Punk


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"Senior Discount"

I guess I forgot to review Senior Discount’s last CD when they sent it over. My apologies. Anyways, the style of music that Senior Discount play is a fast-forward, quick brand of punk music that does not let individuals have a moment to rest. “Ataxia� is a track that will get the pits started and will hammer home the melodies so deep that individuals will be singing along with Senior Discount even in the most inappropriate of situations. The sizzling guitar and bass dynamic that is present during the track is a little additional bonus for listeners. “VBW Song� is the next cut on the album and slows things down, a move that allows the vocalist for Senior Discount to take on the role of Fat Mike. The track is again fun, but come on, the band could throw in a little more of their own sound into the mix.

The musical intensity that the act places into the track is this uniqueness, and it is this that keeps the track from being derivative. “That Bitch Not So Bad� has horrible grammar in its title, but links together Ten Foot Pole, Face To Face and Blink 182 (“Cheshire Cat�-era) into another bit of uniqueness. The slower, longing style of the act during this track is hidden well by the tempo of the track, but individuals can hear the sadness at the periphery of the track. “I’m Crazy� and “Smile� keep things going strongly, and allow individuals to rock out properly ffor the entirety of the twenty minute run time. I love the bit of mid nineties punk rock that was present through all of the Epitaph recordings of that era, and I think Senior Discount is too. If you find yourself in the same camp as us, make sure to pick up the Senior Discount collection. You’ll like it.


"VBW Attack! The Senior Discount Movie"

Senior Discount Music
VBW Attack! The Senior Discount Movie
25-scene DVD
This DVD is all about fun and good punk rock music from Rhode Island with a nutty gang of hangers-on filming all sorts of semi-social activities. Veterans of the New England scene should know such subtlety!
The punk band in question that released this is called Senior Discount; their brand of tagalong fun makers is called the VBW. Chuck Station is the head guy and Johnny Knoxville of the video.
He comes across as a likeable derivative of Kevin Smith, the director of Clerks (you know, Silent Bob?!) and Jean, the guy who fixed my Jeep for a couple years. The antics are in the Jackass tradition. There’s obvious planning involved in the hijinks and capers performed by this troupe, along with that public spontaneity and I don’t-give–a-shit-who-sees-it attitude. Seeing people beaned by balls intentionally at batting cages is great, I never saw anything better. Mix that with a swift hand for production, drunken revelry clips, and a basic dissatisfaction with the world at large, and the guys provide quality entertainment. Let me tell you about the Enema at Fatima. It deals with VBW, in broad daylight, sticking an enema up Chuck’s ass in the front yard of the Fatima high school, filling it up with saline, and then him bending over and blowing watery chunks out all over the parking lot. He got arrested for disorderly conduct (dude!). They don’t film the real arraignment and trial and decide to stay with the “punk band with a mission/wild troupe of crazy activities” motif.
There are too many skits/filmed ideas to fully encapsulate in this review, let’s just say that this DVD is gold and that the band and those with them have some mighty winds at their sails. (Mike Loce) - The Noise (Boston)

"VBW Attack! The Senior Discount Movie"

Senior Discount: Crazy like Johnny Knoxville and crew. Smart as a fox in the hedgerows. They take silly to the edge. The edge of what? Punk rock n droll. More than droll, this video will either have you laughing or thinking it’s stupid. It’s both.

The band mainly consists of: Chuck Staton on vocals and guitar, Kevin Silva playing bass and vocals, Tom Wells on guitar and back-up vocals; and Christian Staton playing the drums. Sometimes they have a lot of friends who play with them. Sometimes in this their expanded version with friends, they are known as the VBW.

And Chuck wrote to me – “Just to give you a little history on us, like we said, we're from Rhode Island. . . .

“We won the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll for Best Punk Band this past year, and we also sold out a 350-person capacity movie theatre for the premiere of our first full-length movie. “

The five-banger CD they enclosed, along with the DVD, has some pretty lively tunes. You can hear a taste.

“All our music is on our myspace page if you'd like to check us out.

“We've opened for a lot of nationals -- Gym Class Heroes, Brain Failure, Catch 22, Streetlight Manifesto, Whole Wheat Bread -- and of course, many nationals from New England -- Big D, Darkbuster, Street Dogs, Stealing Jane, Wilhelm Scream, Sasquatch, The Bloodshot Hooligans, Badfish, Daly's Gone Wrong, Patent Pending, Monty Are I -- and we really have an energetic live show."

“Senior Discount: The Movie.” It’s well done, It astounded me, These guys are having fun. Congratulations on this freshman effort. See them live near you or on myspace. - Punk Globe

"Senior Discount"

Senior Discount – There Were Four Who Tried (c) 2006 Senior Discount So just the other day I was thinking why aren't there any bands ever coming out of Rhode Island? As it turns out I must have just been off of their radar, cause not too long after pondering this, I received "There Were Four Who Tried" from Senior Discount. Lo and behold, they are straight out of Providence. The disc offers up 16 tracks of eclectic punk, pop punk, ska(ish) punk and more punk. The more I listen to this CD, the more I thoroughly enjoy it. It has pop punk sensibility without all the emo sensitivity. It also carries enough horns to please most fans of the thrid wave. Lyrically it is largely the antithesis of the traditional pop punk with lot sof rants and comical tongue in cheek coarseness. "There Were Four Who Tried" is a bang up job by Providence punks Senior Discount. The bottom line is one kick ass record with more hooks than a pirate convention. Buy This CD Here – -Jerry Actually - Upstarter

"Off-Island Spotlight: Senior Discount"

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"DIY Punk Grads"

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"Senior Discount - And That's Goodbye"

"Senior Discount still brings the rock." (go to link for full review) - Motif Magazine

"Senior Discount - There Were Four Who Tried"

Senior Discount - There Were Four Who Tried
Record Label: None
Release Date: August 12, 2006

Rhode Island’s natives the Senior Discount amplify their punk rock sound to a torched crisp on their debut album There Were Four Who Tried, which cranks up the volume to a loud and ruckus level that is worthy of NOFX. The band’s bruising bass tugs from Kevin Silva along with their tightly knotted guitar chords orchestrated by Tom Wells and lead singer Chuck Staton are glued together by the energetic drum loops of Christian Staton who shows a tumbling action reflective of Chixdiggit. Some tracks have splashes of ska punk accents that would catch the eye of Less Than Jake’s admirers and porous textures which show every teething pain that the band can muster out of themselves. The band really acts out their emotions in these tracks and have no apologies for insulting anyone during their rampages.

Their track “VBW Song,” which bares the name of their entourage the VBW, a group of guys that assist them in various ways, is a hardcore punk anthem that starts off slow and melodic and then cranks up the volume to a hard boil with intervals of heavy bass grooves and ska-strokes. The lyrics shed light on the band’s teething pains: “Well I can’t explain my past / But I’ve had my share of laughs / You can’t be a good star without a solid cast / In a world of mediocrity only few hold stock with me / Rise above the flock and storm the streets singing.” Every track from the album is an anthem to punk rock’s principles, sticking up for the guys who don’t conform and feeling inspired by their revolts.

The track “We All Fall Down” is something out of the ordinary for the Senior Discount who attach a series of string arrangements on the tail end of the song, which awakens a sunny sonic bloom through the episodes of attack and pummel. The other tracks display a rough and tumble interplay like ‘Nothing’s Left” and “Smile.” The ska punk grooves of “I’m Crazy” have an agitation liken to Less Than Jake and the screamo punk rock stylizing of “Ataxia” have a kindred spirit in NOFX.

Senior Discount’s hormones show an insatiable hunger for punk rock principles and music in their album, There Were Four Who Tried. Their songs show a teething pain which often segues into adulthood. A transformation that punk rock musicians try to avoid at all costs, but much like Less Than Jake, it is inevitable that these hormones, which act out on feelings of lust, will subside. For now, the Senior Discount have the rushing hormones of punk rock’s harbingers, and they want to enjoy this rush before it disappears. -


- "Is This the End" Five Track EP - Dec, 2012

- "And That's Goodbye" Five Track EP - May 2008

- "There Were Four Who Tried" 16-track LP - Aug 2007

WBRU has been playing a multitude of Senior Discount songs over the years. You can check out many streaming tracks here:!musicdiscography/cen6



Senior Discount been continually playing music for about eight years, while various members of the band made the choice to get to degrees (in Elementary Education, Communications, and Film) before pursuing entertainment full-time.
Senior Discount has played over 200 shows in states such as RI, MA, VT, NJ, NY, PA, and CT. They've shared the stage with such acts as Gym Class Heroes, Girl Talk, Boys Like Girls, The Bravery, The Ataris, Leftover Crack, Just Surrender, A Wilhelm Scream, the Street Dogs, Zox, Bad Larry, Westbound Train, Monty Are I, Daly's Gone Wrong, Big D and the Kids Table, Brain Failure, Catch 22, Darkbuster, Stealing Jane, Rehab, River City Rebels, Jimmy's Chicken Shack, Someday Providence, Mickey Avalon, Streetlight Manifesto, Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys, the Bloodshot Hooligans, Tip The Van, The Loved Ones, MC Lars, Badfish, Mastamindz, Whole Wheat Bread, Suburban Legends, Patent Pending, and many many more.
Senior Discount's debut (and so far, only) album, "There Were Four Who Tried...", has gotten many reviews from all over, including very positive reviews from Razorcake (CA), Hussieskunk (OH), Plug-In Music (PA), Rock Is Life (MA), Suburban Horror (CA), Upstarter (ID), as well as The Unbound Zine (Canada), and No Front Teeth (The UK). They feel that they've gotten their most important reviews from the historic Maximum Rock N Roll (CA), which boasted, "These guys can rock and scream….a strong full-length," and the revered, which stated "The band really acts out their emotions….Every track from the album is an anthem to punk rock's principles."
During this time they also focused heavily on film production, as they used short films to promote for their shows and releases. Their one full-length film ("VBW Attack: The Senior Discount Movie") led to the band selling out a 350-person capacity movie theatre for the premiere, and the subsequent DVD release for the film garnished a win for "Best Comedy" in the 2008 Indie Gathering Film Festival (which is one of the top 25 film festivals, as rated by MovieMaker Magazine). Their film also got shining reviews from Punk Globe (CA) which said "It's well done, it astounded me. These guys are having fun," and The Noise (Boston) which reported "...let's just say that this DVD is gold and that the band, and those with them, have some mighty winds at their sails."
The national television network G4 has bought footage from the film, started airing the clips in late 2008, and continues to air them. Senior Discount's online videos have achieved over 30,000 views on streaming video websites, and have also sold footage to the web site
In 2007 and again 2008, Senior Discount won the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll for Best Punk Band - two years in a row. The Phoenix has received many awards for excellence in journalism, including honors from the New England Press Association, the American Bar Association Gavel Awards, the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Awards and many more. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones personally picked Senior Discount as one of the top five bands in the contest to open for the MMB's at their Hometown Throw-Down show show on New Years Eve '07/'08.
Senior Discount were also semi-finalists in the 2008 95.5 WBRU Rockhunt, a yearly contest held by WBRU, which is frequently named one of the best radio stations in the country by numerous trade magazines such as Billboard and Rolling Stone - Rolling Stone named it best radio station in the country in a medium size market three years in a row, the only radio station ever to achieve that. WBRU also had Senior Discount play their "Rock Hunt kick-off" show on Jan 23, 2009, and before that Senior Discount played the 2008 WBRU Birthday Bash at the specific request of Girl Talk, a very popular mash-up DJ - Girl Talk's album "Feed The Animals" was named Time Magazine's #4 album of the year (out of 10) in 2008.