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Senior Discount is to "punk band" what Hugh Grant is to "sex addict". It's certainly true, but they have so much more to bring to the table! With a wild, energetic myriad of film and music, Senior Discount marches forth on its journey to reach as many people as possible.


Senior Discount is a punk band based out of Warren, Rhode Island, a suburb of Providence.
As of May 2008, Senior Discount (often shorted as "S*D") had won Best Punk Band in the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll two years in a row (2007 + 2008), and they were also chosen as semi-finalists in the 2008 95.5 WBRU Rock Hunt. They've also garnished at least 15 positive reviews of their debut album, "There Were Four Who Tried..." including positive reviews from and Maximum RockNRoll.
Senior Discount has also played over 200 shows and shared the stage with such acts as Gym Class Heroes, Boys Like Girls, The Bravery, The Ataris, Just Surrender, A Wilhelm Scream, the Street Dogs, Zox, Bad Larry, Westbound Train, Monty Are I, Daly's Gone Wrong, Big D and the Kids Table, Brain Failure, Catch 22, Darkbuster, Stealing Jane, Rehab, River City Rebels, Someday Providence, Mickey Avalon, Streetlight Manifesto, Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys, the Bloodshot Hooligans, Tip The Van, MC Lars, Badfish, Mastamindz, Whole Wheat Bread, Suburban Legends, Patent Pending, and many many more.
They also sold out a 350-person capacity movie theatre in Providence last July for the one time showing of their music/documentary/comedy film, "VBW Attack: The Senior Discount Movie", which is now out on DVD, and was directed by Chuck Staton, the band's rhythm guitarist, who will complete his Bachelor's degree in Film (with a minor in Communications) this May.
Senior Discount's full-length film came about as a result of them having previously creating a new style of relationship between film and music. Their videos were started to simply promote their shows and introduce different new people to the band in a comedic and personal sense. They often included stunts and/or pranks (usually on lead guitarist Tom Wells), live footage, real stories, VBW games (such as Dirty Facts). These videos have gained popularity throughout the last four years, and have evolved into a series of sitcom-esque webisodes, being completely scripted and starring themselves, explaining the (comedic) plight of being in a band.
Musically, Senior Discount is known for their fast, anthemic, and energetic live show, but overall produce a much more diverse body of music, and call upon a multitude of influences. Their debit album got many positive reviews, including one from - "The band really acts out their emotions….Every track from the album is an anthem to punk rock’s principles." - and one from Maximum Rock N' Roll - "These guys can rock and scream….a strong full-length."
Senior Discount's members, after playing in RI, MA, NY, VT, CT, and PA, are desperately searching for the opportunity to begin touring for good.


* Life Starts Now EP - 2002 - Self-released
* The "Who The Hell is Jack Dady?" EP - 2004 - Self-released
* There Were Four Who Tried - 2006 - Self-released

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Set List

1. Smile (4 minutes)
2. Nothing's Left (2 minutes)
3. I'm Crazy (3 minutes)
4. Tom's Not A Virgin Anymore (4 minutes)
5. VBW Song (6 minutes)
6. Explode RI (4 minutes)
7. Ataxia (3 minutes)

Other songs may include
"A Portrait Of Nothing (My Life On Display)"
"5 In 1"
"We All Fall Down"
"Kiss The Girl"(cover of the song from "The Little Mermaid")