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"Singles Bar Review"

New female fronted hard rock band, with a rhythmic sound that is not too dissimilar to RATM, Incubus or Linkin Park. Gorgeous lead singer too.

Occasional guitar outbursts reminiscent of mid 80s Iron Maiden.

The band all look quite young, and this music should appeal to early 20s metal fans. Brutal and enjoyable. Hard to believe they're unsigned. ***

Review by Joe Geesin -


All I Needed - Single 2006
Published - Platinum sound,
featured on the Juiced Eliminator PSP

Sennah E.P. - 2006
5 Track Self Release

No End - 2007 - Online Single

Available at



In Metal and Rock, “Pop” is a dirty word, (which is ironic since calling your audience “MUTHAF*%£^EEEERS!!” seems to be fine) in which case Sennah have the filthiest mouths in music.

But then the five college buddies from Guildford, England are all about smashing expectations: They’re not supposed to put such gut-busting, titanic metal riffs with tunes the milkman could whistle. They’re not supposed to make such a loud, grinding, brilliant racket but actually have something to say. They’re not supposed look so young and be such jaw-dropping musicians.

Whatever you expect of Sennah is exactly what you’re never gonna get. Take Californian singer Laura, a trained classical pianist with a voice that could probably sing the Planet apart, who whirls around the stage in a pink tutu with fury in her throat that suggests she’s seconds away from kicking your face in with her dainty boxer-boots.

Make no mistake, Sennah are a HEAVY band…there’s walloping riffs here straight out of the Dimebags school of hard knocks, and drums that sound like the kick is smashing straight into your skull. But that’s only half the story. There’s also freshness, a feel for melody and big avalanche chorus that makes Hannah Montana sound like Sepultura. Sennah have managed to pull off being an awesome metal band with great pop songs, and that is a rare treat indeed.

Sennah have been together for three years, in which time the five-piece have solidified a sound that is uniquely their own, and a loyal fanbase to rival any unsigned act. In that time they’ve shared stages with Wheatus, Kids In Glass Houses, and (on the Rocksound Stage at Guilfest last year) Ruben and Hell Is For Heroes. They’ve worked with producer Dave Chang (Capdown/ 4ft Fingers/ Earthtone9/Orange Goblin) on the awesome ‘All I Needed’ (available on iTunes), and a 5-Track EP, ‘Worthy, as well as signing a publishing deal with Platinum sound, licensed via Universal Music. And if that weren’t enough, they’ve recorded a track especially for the PSP game ‘Juiced’ and found time to release series of brilliant and entertaining podcasts showing life in the band.


Musicaly they’re a smoldering cauldren of different sounds that somehow merge into something bitingly fresh: a smidge of the emotive rock of Funeral For a Friend here, a pinch of Sum41 power pop there, a dollop of Killswitch Engage trad-metal, a teaspoon of Garbage’s smokey swagger, the tiniest of tiny droplets of Avril Lavigne. No way should that mix work. But apparently no-one’s told Sennah that, because it sounds awesome.

Sennah: making the rules up as they go along, tearing the old order to shreds and doing it on their own terms. Can you handle the bad language?