Imagine Mogwai fronted by Simon & Garfunkel, or maybe Spiritualized jamming with Primal Scream, or even the Beach Boys remixed by Explosions In The Sky. Sound enticing? Still doesn't quite describe the splendour and unique blend of post-rock and pop sensibilty produced by Sennen.


Sennen are Norwich's own version of New Order. Only much younger and much thinner. A group of lads who've survived together as mates and musicians since they were 14, they're by now blissfully immune to the nervous flights and whimsies of British guitar trends. Instead they're free to make music they can fully call their own – and which is brimming with the rush of confidence, energy and joy you get when you honestly love what you do. Among their heroes the band cite Adie Boothroyd, manager of Watford FC, and BBC sports commentator Barry Davies alongside the likes of Dee Dee Ramone. But from somewhere inside their calm, down-to-earth outlook they produce an enormous sound. It's a contrast embodied by drummer Brownie, who the band say is "an incredibly powerful drummer for someone who takes so long to drink a pint". And it's a noise built on an irresistible combination: the deafening beauty of post-rock majesty spliced with the infectious prettiness of pop melody and harmony. In 2005 Sennen's accomplished debut album, Widows, at once made them a vital part of the established post-rock fraternity and put them at the heart of the UK's blossoming shoegaze revival. The group's second album (to be released this summer) has refined their status to a unique, genre-slaying pop force, and follows a succession of incandescent live shows this year. The band are a regular fixture at Sonic Cathedral nights, and have shone as support for the likes of Editors, Ulrich Schnauss, Explosions In The Sky, Mark and Loz from Ride and The Telescopes. Still all in their mid-twenties, the boys have held their band together for over a decade – a feat of immense determination, which singer and guitarist Rich puts down to "whether your main motivation is to be succesful, or whether it's because you want to make music. We do it because it's what we love doing."


'Widows' (Hungry Audio ) - album - released October 2005

'Let You Down' (Hungry Audio) - single - released August 2006

'A Life To Live' (Hungry Audio) - single - released June 2007

'Where The Light Gets In' (Hungry Audio) - album - released September 2007