Quirky, eccentric rock music full of sing alongs and dancable beats. We are touring one of the most fun and charming sets on the American rock and roll circuit. More or less the best thing ever.


Trying to pin down Senryu's specific sound is about as easy as stapling jello to a tree. Senryu exhibits a spectrum of influences that range from high-octane dancable rock and roll to Vaudeville, but somehow combines them all into a fresh, unfamiliar sound.

Senryu has been compared to many bands. The vocals have been compared to Rufus Wainwright and Billy Corgan. The music has been compared to Oingo Boingo and a mixture of the Jellyfish with 'Gish" era Smashing Pumpkins.

Knoxville, Tennessee's Senryu has spent the last year under the wings of Superdrag drummer Don Coffey, Jr and re-emerged as one of the most promising up-and-coming pop/rock acts in the North American circuit. Senryu, along with Coffey, are preparing for the September 2005 release of the band's latest Lp 'Psst'. The new ten song release is one that Tim Lee (The Windbreakers) calls "a rarely found fully realized piece of art".



Pink Ice Revolution- 2003
Down With the Sugarpills- 2004


Stars and Garters- 2001
A Bath of Broken Glass- 2003
Psst- September 2005

Set List

Our sets are usually 10 songs long and around 30-40 minutes. We don't normally do any cover songs. A typical set goes like this...

1) Oubliette
2) Promise Me
3) Battery
4) Squint
5) Oh, Murder
6) Song Number 6
7) Golden Retreiver
8) I Don't Wanna Know
9) As Dead As Disco
10) Put Your Blinders On