Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Senryu takes regular ol' pop music and spins it right out to the edges of good sense. Swells of guitars, synths and layers of harmonies ride precariously over rough seas of thundering drums with bells, whistles, claps, strings and all manner of what not goading them on.


Standing in a Senryu show there’s always a feeling of magic. For a decade the group has gathered a dedicated national fanbase while staying under the radar. Fans became more than extended family — they became part of the band. Any given concert has fans singing and shouting along with Senryu’s ambitious and infectious songs. For years the group only made its recorded music available at certain concerts for one night, forcing the faithful to trade among themselves. When the and acclaimed full-length album "The Guilty Party Rages On" was released, it was made available only with various art projects — art books, sets of finger puppets, paintings ... and shortly thereafter the group released its entire catalog, including "Guilty Party," online for free at

The group’s high-profile appearances at the Knitting Factory, on the Daytrotter Sessions, South by Southwest and the CMJ Music Marathon, critical accolades, successful tours and praise from fellow artists have helped the band find new friends around the country. The group’s new album "Half Wild," a vibrant song-cycle that’s immediately catchy, but deep and complex enough to keep you coming back to examine its musical and lyrical layers.

Senryu singer-songwriter-guitarist Wil Wright (who also plays guitar in the band Physics of Meaning) says the album is about the transformations we all go through every day, conversations between the dying old you and the new you just being born.

Take a listen. There’s a good chance you’ll recognize you’re not the same person as you were before you heard this band.

Senryu is:

Wil Wright - guitar, vocals
Steven Rodgers - drums, percussion, keyboards
Dan McCormack - guitar, keyboards
Andres McCormack - drums, bass
Zac Fallon - bass, percussion


Stars & Garters (2001)
How I Spent My Day In The Sun (2002) EP
A Bath of Broken Glass (2003)
Down With the Sugarpills (2004) EP
Pssst (2005)
BlinkBlink (2006) EP
A Pose I Can’t Hold (2007) EP
Oh, My Darling Quarantine (2008)
Welcome To The Pantomime (2008) EP
Disco Nap (2008) EP
The Guilty Party Rages On (2008)
Dying in Fast Forward (2009) EP
The Cellar (2010) EP
Inkling (2010)
All These Clues (2010) EP
Superduperficial World (2010) EP
Attached at the Hip (2010) EP
Half Wild (2011)

Set List

Set lists are fluid and can be accommodated to the needs of the event.