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Dancehall music with a twist, a hybrid blend of broken english lyrics capable of flowing over hip hop, r & B, and reggae intrumentation. From Jamaica to Jamaica, Queens, welcome to the world of Sensation.


The music is more personal, true story based, signatured with catchy hooks and cool melodies. What sets Sensation apart from most reggae artists is the way he lives his life. This lifesyle is reflected in his lyrics, it represents an artist who has spent half of his life assimilating in American culture while holding on to his island roots. Bob Marley, Yellowman, Shabba Ranks, Ninja Man, Papa San, Lady Saw, and Beenie Man to name a few of his early influences. Dancehall lies in his blood...the music makes you wanna move, but its also there to teach, to inspire, and have substance.


0-18 (Zero to 18)

Written By: Henrick G. Tucker, Jr.

0 to 18 draw da last straw mama, young youth whey yu knew grew wise mama
wid one long stare in those eyes mama, I’m no fool mama, truth so cruel mama
inside those dreary eyessss, grown man realized, I couldn’t find my mama mama…....mama

Once upon a time, those times disclosed to me
us four so poor we remained as 3, twas me, Keish, Dee in da island breeze
Lawd di pockets squeezed, to feed we rice and peas
tenacious lady tried to her raise her babies in da early eighties
wondered where to take us, coun-try or city with the faith she gave us
everyday we pray first, to we Great Creator
An iron fist in any hand dis ya nuh regular woman
tea-ching by be-ing dat strong--hmm hmm--taking treks right-2left
oh yeah, Mr. Tucker what da fuck? We nuh see nuh money yet
its alright, its oka-ay-ay, single mada, how I luv ya, wanna show ya
want da world to know ya, hold you dear in my hea-ar-art

This man, him lucky but the temper inside him flow
blood thicker dan water him caa let go
only son, twin daughters sins a no no, we cling as we grow, though she’s a no show
reading letters from mommy, many many miles away
once a while big smiles arrived when she came
poor child she sighed:
“your weight is the same, heights about right, ages have cha-anged”
manually--mommy haffi work abroad, annually, family we miss we spinal cord
foundation gaan but she’s all ways bosss
at any cost, work hard, mommy did what’s best
scrub floors, rough chores, head-high above chest
possess enough strengths, a back dat don’t bend

Queen of har jungle hum-ble wid a heart of gold
Blacksheep, dats me, since 3 yrs old wen mi loose control your big belts un-foooldd
frequent beat-ings grab di first...ting she see
ex-ten-sion cord, or a piece of stick-she’d reach it quick
ma body feel nuff licks-true she really strict
sing this, sing dissss, song from my soul, let it reach out to you
a treasure once lost till-we made it through
tings fall apart, no no not you, God replace da screw-eww
pray for dat day our eyes can meet again
da vessel remains no brain nuh dead
0 to 18, I pray dat you keeep forever-an-ever, Amen...Amen

People Get Ready

Written By: Henrick G. Tucker, Jr.

Who’s in charge?
Its not me, its not you
Why yu waa run tings?
Since time has passed
Up to da present
Some men’s got some big plans
Everyday, draining resources
Waging wars wid special forces
Reign while remaining un-noticed
Sold they sold, their souls

Think back
To when I was an infant
Da instant
I heard about this land
A foreign place
Has girls in all shades
Can kiss dem at Disneyland
Big Macs
A fast food nation
Cable TV-Satellite Stations
Such a nice, deceptive, depiction
Invites me, wid da right descriptions
Yu know how long we a wait for?
Finally, Embassy
Give we, we papers
Chat bout-dem democracy greater
Dem practice hypocrisy
Thanks to Satan
X-out da truths
In dem explanations
Place limitations pan eduction
I OVAstand
I choose to pursue da clues
I’m only human

It nuh matter whey yu come from
As long as yu alive
Caa hide-caa run man
Caa find nuh peace of mind
Caa yu blinded by
All da lies da Globe runs on
It nuh matter whey yu “cum” from
Caa She want a wife
And Him want a hus-band
Who am I to decide who’s right?
Free up your mind
Find where you belong
Yu know how much lives
we waste sir?
School shootings
true, we don’t love we neighbors
Ask yourselves,
Where yu weapons came from?
They killing us
Wid da same guns they gave us
Babylon was made to hate us
Jesus died, who said He saved us?
I OVAstand
I choose to pursue da clues
I’m only human

A higher level
What I’m on right now
Won’t allow devils
To bring me down
Plymouth Rock, on us it landed
Root of all evil, da people, planted
“Sin Tree” seems reeeally slanted
It grows green leaves
And only three Branches
Each and every region
pledged allegiance
Top skeletons, each Closet’s keeping
While we sleeping
Tom is peeping
Uncle Sam, wants You
To-believe him
Our freedom becomes an illusion
Mainstream system
Keeps yu real dumb
Teach means:
Mislead populations,
Tempt da patrons, to live as pagans
I Ovastand
I choose to pursue da clues
I’m only human


Written By: Henrick G. Tucker, Jr

Might think I’m depressed
I’m really impressed
Wid di amount of time mi spend
Living wid sadness
I hate staying wid this rude roommate
Who caa change
Introduce mi to darkness
Crosses, and pain
Dats why
Happy caa find da time to drop by
Happy caa dial, caa call to say hi
Happy haffi hide
Haffi sneak Happy in
Dats my
Release from da lease

Da days walks wid darkness
Like da night
Sunrays beaming
But dem nuh seem suh bright
No-a nuh di window shades
Misplaced da shine
A I and I a hide
My appetite for life
Like di bites mi try
Taste like dem spoil
Poisoned by da evil snake
Eve did like
Da divine design
of dis life can find
Feelings which can
remind yu of dying
this strong ship capsized
inside a captain’s mind
everything’s not fine
he can’t fight what he can’t find
he can’t right da wrongs and
everyone thinks he’s all right
I- feel like my chi is drowning
In deep seas of sorrows
Counting everyday
Like each was my yesterday
Da same horror
A come tomorrow

Its been weeks…
Its been months…
Since yu moved in…
A me yu luv hunt
Feel suh weak
mi feet dem caa run
To pack up and leave
Come in like a stunt
Down and out you found mi
I allowed yu only
To stay around
Now I wished yu told mi
About da one way, yu waa pay rent
One thousand days credit-
No problem
Yu owe mi caa mi loan time
Time is money
Homie musy owe mi money most times
Nuff signs show-stop signs
Stop smiles-stop ma appetite
Stop thinking bout life
I- feel like my chi is drowning
In deep seas of sorrows
Counting everyday
Like each was my yesterday
Da same horror
A come tomorrow

This lifestyle’s lonely routine
Is in, dire need of new scenes
Clip after clip
But da clips can’t seem
To leave out all da drama
Mi a live in misery
Mi missing joy, its missing mi
Mi, caa even keep from all ma drama
Mi a live in misery
Mi missing joy, its missing mi
Mi, see it a thief out all ma laughter…to raas

Slaughtered half of di dreams
Mi did always after
This Chief, stands alone
In his own disasters
Withstanding which can
Destroy him faster
All dat can break him
Makes him sadder
It isolates him
Takes him from his gladness
Aching wid pain
Man was made to stand this
Life trials, lifestyle
I’ll survive
One of di ones who can win dis
One wid wisdom
One of da fit-test


OneInSix -LP
Zone In-did the hook
Pum Pum-interlude
Playa Playa-did the hook
Glimpse remix-song
One Time-did the hook

Set List

Jamaica, Glimpse remix, some spoken word, and One Time...anywhere from 20 to 40 min.