Sensation Junkies

Sensation Junkies


Sensation Junkies strip 40 years of rock music down to its essence of six string-driven melody, putting psychedelia, power pop, roots rock, indie rock, the blues and even some Latin sounds into the food processor and coming up with a tasty entrée.


Lots of bands claim to be darkly powerful rock outfits, but few possess the genuine voodoo apparent from the first notes of “Once for the Money,” the Sensation Junkies' debut album. Led by the raspy throated vocals and animated stage presence of Chrisopher Blue, and fueled by 2/3 of critically acclaimed, psychedelic tinged Seattle trio Neo, Sensation Junkies mine territory somewhere between the Screaming Trees and 16 Horsepower.

The thirteen songs contained on “Once for the Money” possess an almost supernatural kind of magic, whether they’re the rollicking “Olalalla,” the sinister “Painkiller” or the anthemic hopefulness of “Love is the Reason.” Live, the band exhibit an undeniably charged chemistry that has already generated quite a buzz on stage and charting radio stations across the US.


Debut LP "Once for the Money" has received airplay across the country on AAA, Modern Rock and College radio stations. Most Notably, KNDD FM (Seattle), KEXP FM (Seattle) and WTTS FM (Indianapolis).

Set List

Have 2 hours worth of material but average/typical setlist is 45 minutes. No consistent covers to note. Setlist consists of new material as well as tracks from debut release, Once For The Money.