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"Editor's Pick"

"There's purity and simplicity in Rick and Audrey's acoustic folk songs. There's also a genuine sweetness that is neither sappy nor trite. It's feel-good music with nice harmonies, and in this case, that is more than enough." - - C|Net

"Contagious Optimism"

"Rick & Audrey share with audiences a pure and spontaneous zest for life and love. The joy and optimism they exude is contagious." - Busy Graham, Class Acts Arts., Inc

"Fundraising Success"

"Rick & Audrey and the Potter's House (a coffeehouse/concert venue in Adam's Morgan) raised almost $200 for CASA! Many people showed up for this great concert, and it was a huge success. I encourage all of you to check out Rick and Audrey's music — they are great musicians who will lighten your mood at any time." - Jennifer Freedman, CASA de Maryland

"Absolutely Beautiful"

"Rick and Audrey infuse their grown-up songs with the joy of youth. The result: a magical balance of intellectuality and innocence to their songs and performance that I have never seen matched. Absolutely beautiful." - Brian Gundersdorf, We're About 9


"Scintillating vocals with well thought-out arrangements." - David Eisner, Institute of Musical Traditions


CD: "Open the Gate" by Sense of Wonder, 2007
CD: "Imagine That!" by Rick & Audrey, 2007 (for kids)



If Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake fell in love and wrote duets, they might have sounded something like Sense of Wonder. Beautiful harmony, intelligent, playful songwriting, and rich acoustic arrangements. This is the smiling spirit of folk...

* * *

"Their songs dance like fireflies under a willow tree. Delicious mix of harmonies with eloquent songwriting. One sip is magic."
-- Katie Graybeal, We're About 9

* * *

Rick & Audrey's Sense of Wonder

~ Through the gate lies a path... an adventure
~ twisting into the unexpected. Sweet harmony
~ beckons you through to a verdant, vibrant landscape

It was back in 1998 when Audrey walked into Rick's living room. Having recently released his debut solo CD, Rick was immersed in the local folk scene, and his group-house in Takoma Park was a hangout for friends and musicians. Rick hosted a monthly open house called "The Okay Cafe," where songwriters gathered to present and critique new songs.

A friend of Rick's had met Audrey at a street festival and invited her to come to the Cafe. The roomful of regulars quickly took notice of Audrey's songs -- complex and artful, yet easily approachable. She had been looking for community, and soon was a regular herself at The Okay Café.

As Rick and Audrey grew closer, and eventually married, it was natural that their voices would blend. They are constantly aware and supportive of each other, giving space while harmonizing perfectly -- art reflecting life. Rick and Audrey truly play together, the whole show a fanciful duet.

As a duo, Rick and Audrey have established themselves as award-winning songwriters and notable performers in festivals and venues around the DC area. And though the Okay Cafe no longer meets regularly, they remain at the heart of DC's contemporary folk community.

~ The moss is soft and warm, like the sound
~ of a cello bowing, and a narrow river rushes
~ by like fingers on a piano, beautiful

Sense of Wonder is the band. Tom's idea, sorta. When Rick and Audrey set out to make a record, producer Tom Espinola suggested that their songs would work better if arranged for a unique set of musicians, rather than walk-in session players. "We want this to feel as close to the real thing as possible, like it's a single band at their best performance."

With a grain of naiveté, the duo took this as a cue to start a band. The best way to sound like one is to form one, after all. And though it may sound obvious, the idea of a full six-piece band is unusual in the solo-guitar-slinging singer-songwriter world.

Rick & Audrey's connection to the music community made it easy to draw on local talent. Soon they found that they were not arranging songs for a recording so much as letting them evolve in the context of their new ensemble; adding bass, drum, cello, and piano to the guitars and harmonies that already characterized their signature sound. The process flowed organically as everyone contributed, collaborated, and improvised; new arrangements emerging naturally.

Mark Sylvester (WAMMIE nominee, "best folk instrumentalist") is a master of many instruments, known to most as a guitarist. He works as a composer, a producer, and a teacher. But Audrey had heard him at a late night jam session, backing up a friend on the upright bass, and knew immediately that he was the right fit for the band.

Rob Nicholson, plays in any number of ensembles, be they funk, rock, jazz -- even a steel drum band. He's also a family man who teaches drums and guitar to kids in the neighborhood, and he runs a summer "Combo Camp" in conjunction with the local music store, bringing kids together musically, and showing them how to interact and improvise. Already a good friend and neighbor, he was a natural fit on drums.

Rick also drew on some talent from his day-job compatriots. Dayana Yochim is a personal finance writer by day, but had a hidden talent as a cellist. Hidden no more, she was thrilled to get back into the scene, and jumped at the chance to join the band.

And finally, Clark R. was known through both the day job and the music scene. His unique style of improvised piano is a joy to experience -- never the same from show to show. Typically he plays as a soloist, but he joined the band almost on a lark, to try something new. He immediately found his space, and his addition to the soundscape was an instant fit -- just the sparkle that was needed to complete the sonic picture.

~ It is a place shimmering with earthly magic
~ A rhythmic enchantment of chords and arpeggios
~ voices swirling, whimsical yet wise

And so Sense of Wonder came together, not as a session band but a working one. A collection of friends who work and play together, making magic on the side, improvising arrangements and playing music for the love of it.

Rick & Audery's songwriting conjures real-life faerie tales, everyday romance, journeys into the unexpected, and life-loving sp