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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | SELF

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Brisbane's Sensible Pets Score Inside Sport Soundtrack"

Brisbane band, Sensible Pets score Inside Sport magazine sportsmodel podcast soundtrack

Brisbane band, Sensible Pets have had their demo "1800 Rising" picked up by Inside Sport for the magazine's December sportsmodel podcast. The podcast features actress Caroline Attwood, star of Australian film “Edge of Eden” (release date 2007).

It's another coup for the six member four-piece band. Formed in 2005 – their 3rd gig was a performance as state finalists in the National Campus Band competition and last month “My Way Home” featured as track of the day on

“1800 Rising” is one of the first demo recordings to be unleashed as the Pets work slowly towards a full album, with plans to get back on the live circuit early next year.

Says lead singer, Shane Maronese, “It’s fantastic exposure for Sensible Pets. The Inside Sport video podcast gets over 100,000 downloads a month across itunes, myspace, youtube and the Inside Sport website.

Inside Sport’s Editor Graem Sims said, “It’s great to be able to give such a talented musicians this kind of exposure.”1800 Rising” has that straight-up tried and true fully rockin’ sound. We jumped at the chance to use it.”

The free podcast featuring “1800 Rising” is available for download at

- Rave Magazine - Brisbane

"A vibe for the colorless?"

This is superb songwriting and musicianship.

The production is absolutely incredible. Everything is so well mixed...the taste is such to die for.

This is definitely a new "sound"...just incredible. Clean jangly guitars and an uplifting/driving bass-line, perfectly carry the vocalists pro-active approach to convey a (30 Seconds To Mars-ish) staple to a whole new level.

The vocalist has a sublimely soothing tone. The architecture of the melodic inter-weavings of the (vocal line) represent a pinnacle of creativity. Great stuff.

Very addictive song! Worth at least one hundred replays...maybe a "main-stay"...who knows?

- Sonic Man, New Orleans, Louisiana


I will get to your question about who you sound like in just a minute but I wanted to make a few observations. This song raised the hair on my neck. Just a great job. The lead guitar was awesome. The drumming I wish was more pronounced, I think that was a production issue and not the technical quality. The melody of the song and the tempo change were just perfect.

Now to answer your question: you sound like a cross between every influence I can think of. You are uniquely positioned for something big as you are the originals. I have been waiting for this type of display for some time having forged through close to 300 songs and I thank you.
- Boards, Texas

"Choice Riffage"

Liked the way the instruments are panned in the mix as the intro gives that away from the get-go. The instruments keep some space between each other in this spectral field. Guitars shine in this medium and they aren't just relegated to playing the same thing in most places. Nice riffage and great instrumental hooks throughout. Drummer and bassist carry their own weight as well. The sound guys got more than adequate tones when recording the instruments.

Singer sounds like Bowie to me during the verses, but the harmony-laden chorus has more of an 80's (other than Bowie) feel that I can't quite place. Vocal chorus has a cool hook ("All I got I couldn't save for another, yeah"), but it could almost be a pre-chorus for an instrumental chorus in the minor-key guitar riffing that follows the actual chorus. Great stuff!

The rock part is right, but it almost seems more punk than pop to me, which is just fine indeed. I could hear Joe Strummer (bless his soul) flex some Tele muscle around this track. Liked where the song went during the guitar solo, off-beat and unexpected, though I was expecting coming out of the solo we'd be going into a vocal bridge but went back to the chorus instead, which is a minor, preference-hued item really.

Tight band, solid production, and great arrangement that all-in-all strong-arms the listener into liking it whether it is their style or not. Great listen! - M Fowler, Topeka Kansas

"Everbody has talent"

Great melodic lead and rhythm guitars open things up nicely introducing some powerhouse vocals. The catchy guitar is so slick it acts like a conductor's wand throughout this track. The bottom is held together nicely with a strong bass and drum compliment. Everything here is right on. The song did take me back to the early 80's and the likes of bands such as Foreigner when every member of a band had talent. Today a lot of what you hear is one artist surrounded by his/her buds. - Buddy Lucas, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Dark musical journey"

My Way Home:

An emotional heart-tugger... this dark, well-structured song takes you on a journey. Cool "spy guitar" breaks add to the moodiness of this track, but the lead vocal is what really shines. This cat can really sing. - Chimpanzen - Portland, Oregon

"Creative guitars, awesome vocals"

I love this song, really interesting guitar riff. Even better vocal quality, and equally impressive performance by the whole band. The chorus melody is so hooky, makes you want to sing along right away! The mix of rhythm, production, and sonic textures is a winner! Very original sound, can't quite put my finger on who they sound like. - Josh Evans - Canada

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Sensible Pets release first album on May 18 at Tempo Bar
Brisbane alternative rock band Sensible Pets are releasing their first studio album on May 18 at Tempo Bar. 18+. Free entry with supports Haak Austin and Tramp Fiesta.

To capture the energy and spirit of the band live shows, the self-titled album was recorded live in a studio. The result is eight massive rock tracks that retain the raw character and energy that come from gigging from 5 years of gigging from Townsville to Sydney.
With the Pets’ powerful, accomplished vocals, lyrical intrigue and velcro hooks, they cover the full gamut of rock from the frantic pop quirks of Poison Proof & These Kids to rock anthems (Mobius,) to their modern nod to big hair stadium rock (Agitated) and prog metal twists (I know What I like). While it’s hard to pin point exactly who the Pets sound like, their songs have an instant classic feel, sitting somewhere in the spectrum alongside Birds of Tokyo, Foo Fighters, Incubus and Powderfinger. Some say the chameleon voice of Shane Maronese has hints of Freddy Mercury and David Bowie.
The band have just shot a film clip for upcoming single release Poison Proof and are busy promoting the album launch. Dedicated Pet fans travel across the nation for these rare shows and the uninitiated shouldn’t to miss the chance to catch the band live at Tempo on May 18. Check out the links below for music and video links, pics, gig & bio information. You can download free tracks, stream the new record for free or buy it for a few bucks at:
The Sensible Pets self titled EP was recorded live in

Debut EP Come to your Censors - Selected tracks available for download from:

Tracks from Sensible Pets first EP "Come to your Censors" have won them a loyal fanbase and a collection of online awards ranging from 'best male vocal' to most original to 'most rockin track' to 'best soundtrack song'. Many have been entered in the all time best tracks & feature prominently on internet radio.

In writing & recording the collection of songs for their eargerly awaited second EP, the pets have matured the writing and delivery of their original but classic brand of crafted pop rock.



Solid drums & rhythm section and tangled interplay between two guitars bouncing themes off each other form a showcase for frontman Maronese' accomplished & unique vocal talent.

These kids are doing their own thing. Fans cite diverse influences from Incubus, Birds of Tokyo, Queens of the Stone Age to Bowie, Queen & Block Party.

Original yet accessible, this band exploits the modern rock genre to mask subversive themes involving their fans in a sweaty, powerful & entertaining rock show.

On stage, the Pets deliver a diverse, energy packed, powerful rock gig, with a bit of tongue in cheek. Lead singer Shane Maronese delivers a dynamite, interactive performance, while the hard guitars and solid drum work stir up something primal to get crowds pumping.