Sensitive Noise

Sensitive Noise

 Belgrade, Central Serbia, SRB

We are a band " Sensitive Noise" from Belgrade ,Serbia.
Genre : Alternative Rock.
At live acts original video clips follow our performance.
Discography, album : Obvious


The band exists since 2004. Since then until now the line-up changed frequently.
The name " Sensitive Noise " is created when first stable setup was formed. The founders of the band are Zoran and Vladan Vasiljevic.
At live acts original video clips follow our performance.

We like to combine audio and video, for better understanding,impression, and emotion between audience and band. We love to improvise.We always surprise audience with new improvisation on our gigs .

The style of music is not strictly designated. The sound of the first album - "Obvious" is the closest to alternative rock.



Written By: Zoran Vasiljevic and Vladan Vasiljevic


Where are you? Are you real or lost in space?
For all that I see, I really feel ashamed
Conversation cause of interest, it is normal, they say...
Your opinion doesn’t exist, and our problems remain unsolved...


Let me remind you all, we are here together

Faces you’re wearing are about to fall down
We shall see your real face, and we’ll all know who you are
Maybe it’s something in the air, that makes us so plastic
Intolerant in human relations and totally uninterested


This really is an answer, cause everyone is a victim,
They poisoned all the places

I gave upon my life, too see the real Sun
Coming out of people...


Written By: Zoran Vasiljevic and Vladan Vasiljevic


The star far above will tell
Where I am in soul defending life
How can I be stabile in this?
How can I be in “so called peace”?

Far above rays of light,
Star is glittering but man looks down to the ground
He is revolted and making his own rules

Far away from stabile, indeed
Your weapon cannot bring you release

Far above rays of light...

And if you feel undone
Don’t look at your world over a gun
And if you feel undone
Don’t make it worse

The Ship Is Coming

Written By: Zoran Vasiljevic


There’s a problem, when everything seems fine
In age of silence, of human doubts
Paths are already made
You just have to be born, and walk
With no questions to ask


There’s no care to cure you
Only care is to transform you

They train your mind, for their own reason
That’s how it works in system...
Through invisible slavery...

Everything should be brought down
And then rebuilt

And you say that you love us




I see the ship is coming 3x
Tears from heaven can’t wash your arms


Written By: Zoran Vasiljevic


I can only see and feel you in dreams
You understand me
I’m surprised that you do



I hold you in my hand
You always fly away

I can only see and feel you in dreams



Through your soul I see mine, through your soul...


Written By: Zoran Vasiljevic and Vladan Vasiljevic


Does anyone ask me, does anyone ask me
Why I have to adapt to decisions of majority?


Deep down, deep down
Does anyone ask me, does anyone ask me

Children’s eyes absorb
Everything you offer
In the same way you create the
Visions of their need for life

Deep down is your name

Who you really are?
What is your real name?
Who you really are?
(Whenever you want)
What is your real name?
(You can come back)

Million questions around one answer


Album : "Obvious" 2011 novembar
Recorded in studio "IDEA"
Sound mixing: Theodore Yanni
Mastering : Metropolis Group Ltd ( London )
Production : Sensitive Noise i Theodore Yanni
Copyright : Sokoj, Library of Congress
Music, lyrics and arrangement : Sensitive Noise

About the album:

"Obvious" is the first album made by "Sensitive Noise". The word "Obvious" symbolizes observing the world “openly”, the way it really is, both on the inside and on the outside. Aware and directly.

Set List

Two vocal microphones
Two guitar amplifier
Bass amplifier
drum set
4 monitors
Two boom mics
One or two mics on guitar amps
One mic and di box on Bass amp