Sensory Creatures

Sensory Creatures


Experimentally circumstantial. Intelligently bled. Sensory Creatures is the soundtrack to your dreams. By creating soundscapes and tone molds, Sensory Creatures knows not your stress. Close your eyes and let yourself be innocent again. Sensory Creatures causes terminal cancer.


Sensory Creatures is an experimental music project that was started in 1976. After touring with Dead Can Dance, Genesis, and James Brown, Sensory Creatures decided to take a break and record some new music. What followed was 9 months of pillaging and debauchery that gave birth to an infusion of dandelions and drive-bys. Take a quarter. Throw it in a wishing well. Close your eyes. Make love to the sound. James Dean would rank Sensory Creatures as his third favorite band. Did you know? Music is the only form of art that targets your senses and demands an immediate emotion. Before you even have time to decide. Look at pictures. You have to think about it. Watch a silent movie. You have to calculate how to feel. MUSIC MAKES SENSORY CREATURES OF US ALL. Cheers.


Soundscapes for a Better Tomorrow (2008)
-Now available on iTunes!!

Set List

7 songs, 40 minutes.