Sensory Hoverload

Sensory Hoverload

 Scotch Plains, New Jersey, USA

Sensory Hoverload is a funky, in your face, 3-piece garage party band that is sure to change your perspective of a live performance. Just got back from our 3 week European Tour that started with the 5 day Lancaster Music Festival in England. We are officially international!


The band was founded in June 2012 by Brian Sensor (Sensory) and Andrew Ho (Hoverload). These two are the primary songwriters of the bands originals. Brian is a firm believer in upbeat funky rhythms and awesome guitar solos. Their songs are written to engage the listener and keep them interested from beginning to end. By incorporating smooth transitions within their songs, Sensory Hoverload goes from funk to rock to reggae to metal to punk to jazz to anything in between in just one set. They write lyrics about everyday situations such as going to work, losing your keys, going to parties and human relationships. Later joined by the master Vegas on bass. Our message is originality and live music. Its all about playing real music and playing it live. Those who mind don't matter. Those who matter don't mind.

The band has been described as a power trio due to the incredible musicianship of it's members. Brian Sensor studied guitar for four years at the University of New Haven, Andrew Ho is a current student at Berklee college of music in Boston and Vegas studied music and bass guitar at Kean University. Their sets include incredibly entertaining songs, completely improvised jams and, of course, audience banter. Sensory Hoverload is all about the audience and making sure that they have a great time!

They currently reside in central Jersey and are branching out from tours, internet promotion and CD releases. They are ambitious, creative and will stop at nothing until everyone in the universe has heard of Sensory Hoverload!



Written By: Brian Sensor

I got a dark Funk
In the back of my trunk
Armadillos on fire put it out put it out

Get some water
gotta give it gotta give it to Xenarthra
Put it out put it out

Armadillo, Armadillo

I gotta make a call cause now its in a ball
it know how to roll
right on right on

Let us toast
and partake in this roast
Cingulate enchilada light it up light it up

Armadillo, Armadillo

Little armored one knows how to have fun
the party's just begun
let it ride let it ride

you know im glad that your with us
knows how to jam
jam on jam on


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