Sensual Harassment
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Sensual Harassment

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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"“Intergalactic love amidst a glossy pastiche of late-’70s-era disco synths”"

Coming to Brooklyn by way of the Alpha Draconis star system, Sensual Harassment is a disco-pop duo whose earthly mission is to get bodies moving on the dance floor. Following up its 2010 debut, the group put in some studio time with producer Jesse Cannon (Animal Collective, the Cure) and readied the Escape From Alpha Draconis EP for early 2013. On “Make Me Human Again,” the two-piece sings of the trials and tribulations of intergalactic love amidst a glossy pastiche of late-’70s-era disco synths and beats. Check out the CMJ premiere of “Make Me Human Again” below. - CMJ

"The haunting vocals will hook you and keep you coming back for more"

Who couldn’t use a little Sensual Harassment in their life? “Fever” starts out a bit standard fare, but the haunting vocals will hook you and keep you coming back for more. - Big Stereo

"The musical equivalent of American Psycho"

If Roxy Music had met Black Flag and taken ecstasy…That, my friends, is a surefire way to get me to listen to your band. Ladies and germs, allow me to present Sensual Harassment, a young parasitic triplet crawling from the elemental soup pooling in the rottenest corner of The Big Apple. You like noise? Get wood at the sound of serrated guitars and pummeling drums? Is a day without naked aggression like a day without sunshine? If you answered yes to any of those questions, or even managed a primal grunt of affirmation, I recommended hunting down a copy of Alpha Draconis, Sensual Harassment’s caustic new release. This is the musical equivalent of American Psycho, proof positive that swarthy and sociopathic aren’t mutually exclusive. - My Old Kentucky Blog

""Dewy, layered new-wave pop... suitably anthemic.""

The band name is highly questionable and sounds more suited for a hair metal covers act, but Brooklyn's Sensual Harassment draw from another sector of 1980's popular music, making dewy, layered new-wave pop. "Fever" starts out with dark-hued synths and a pummeling drum break, but builds to a suitably anthemic "la la la" chorus. - Pitchfork

""The Dance Floor Has Just Found A New Hero""

Take Junior Boys' arpeggiating synths, The Rapture's disco-funk basslines, and Daft Punk's vocoded guitar from "Robot Rock" and you've got "Daddy Long Legs," one of two new singles from Brooklyn's Sensual Harassment. The propulsive track builds slowly before introducing a reverberated vocal chant and distorted synth that ushers back in the song's initial groove. The dancefloor has just found a new hero. - XLR8R

""Disco delish-tinged tunes.. this is the good stuff""

Let's welcome Fever in to the mix. Working again with engineer Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Animal Collective), the band has mastered the delicate art of making vintage gear sound new and listening carefully to their influences while still creating a galvanizing sound that is all their own. Fever has a scorching pop hook backed with some gnarly tribal percussion, making the song instantly memorable on first listen.

Yep, this is the good stuff. - Sheena Beaston



-Soldier/Daddy Longs Legs (EP)
-Fever (Single)
-Alpha Draconis (EP)
-Escape From Alpha Draconis (EP)



Sensual Harassment is a two-piece, new wave/psych-pop/disco band from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have been influenced by groups like New Order, The Cars, The Clash, Steely Dan and Daft Punk.

They have shared the stage with bands like: Friends, Future Islands, Penguin Prison, Blondes, Lower Dens, Das Racist, and Delphic.

They love to tour and have played major showcases at festivals like SXSW and Brooklyn’s Northside Festival. Their music has appeared on ESPN’s X Games, Comedy Central, compilations for Hugo Boss and Mercedes Benz.

“Dewy, layered new-wave pop… suitably anthemic” – Pitchfork Media

“If that’s not enough information to cause your pulse to quicken, then you don’t have one” – Vice Magazine

“Intergalactic love amidst a glossy pastiche of late-’70s-era disco synths” – CMJ