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Sentence's hip hop is like an 80’s movie nerd with the suave alter-ego…you might say it sounds like hip hop at the forefront of the progressive movement, but being careful to stay true to the roots – like the ‘ol boom bap with it's thinking cap tilted to the side.


Before moving to NYC a couple of years ago, emcee and producer Sentence made a name for himself over the previous 8 years in the unexpected setting of Denver, Colorado, where hip hop is the last thing one would expect to see. Since transplanting, he hasn’t skipped a beat and has continued to keep his career elevating. He's been doing shows around Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as touring the east coast on a regular basis.
Sentence’s style is uniquely-crafted, but based in the roots of traditional hip hop – with a heavy emphasis being put on both the movement of the beat and the technicality of the lyrics. Although his style doesn’t fit into any single category very easily, it could be described as some sort of hybrid between traditional party hip hop and the thoughtful, poetic avant-garde. Regardless of how it’s described, it’s been proven to win over crowds of everyone from rock fans to hardcore hip hop heads.
The live performance, which can be argued to be the catalyst of hip hop, is something that Sentence never comes up short with. His skill on stage has been honed by nearly a decade of live performances, including tours to the Northwest at least three times every year. Besides headlining on tours, Sentence has also performed with many of hip hop’s legends, such as KRS One, Aceyalone, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Lyrics Born, RJD2, Black Sheep, Mr. Lif, Beat Junkies, Visionaries, Raekwon, Jungle Brothers, Blackalicious, Oldominion, Typical Cats, and many, many more.
Sentence’s track record also includes producing the first track that independent hip hop superstars Slug (of Atmosphere) and Sage Francis ever appeared on together. He has also been featured on multiple compilations, including CD Baby’s “Thick Cuts of Beats,” Radio 1190’s “Local Shakedown,” and Paris, France’s DJ Pray One’s “F*ck the Radio.”
“There and Back,” Sentence’s most recent CD, was met with superb reviews and phenomenal acclaim by the public. The album received praise from sources as high up as URB Magazine, who wrote “His gusto and advocacy for the hip-hop ethos is hard to resist…” College radio was also impressed and “There and Back” reached the Top 40 Hip Hop charts on CMJ.
Learning to be successful in a place like Denver, Sentence acquired guerrilla tactics and has learned to not only adapt to his surroundings, but to make them into as rich an environment as possible. His music is receiving more and more notoriety and doesn’t show any signs of slowing.


Never a Next Time

Written By: Mike Faudel

For my people – with the vision and inspiration to catch
For my people – living different in this brick and paint planet
For sinners and saints and savages – killers and pacifists –
I’m raising a hand with a fist
I’m taking it back like this
There’s three million ways to die/ and infinite ways to live
This is for people like my brother – surviving while still raising kids
Saving them from caving in/ this really ain’t a game to win
It’s more like a tight rope held up with safety pins in a crazy wind
And there’s twelve angry men – for one without a chipped shoulder
We’re all a bit closer/ to the edge/ uphill pushing big boulders
Tired of being kicked over – tired of being tired
Trying just to get closer – while trying to be inspired
Trying to find where we’re going – while we’re – not sure – where we come from
And our – lifelines got blurred – while our – minds got punch drunk
One – love – under a blood red moon
Guns – drugs – lucky if I don’t drop dead soon
Armed with a song/ and a pocket of lint/ some rhymes and a pad to be scrawling them on/ and a cause to exist
All of it/ boxing us in/ it’s not all positive/ with problems/ and it’s hard to uplift/ but we’re not calling it quits
As long as I got a mic
And as long as you got a life
As long as everybody tells us we’re not doing it right
Right here / right now
If it’s not all white clouds
I’m a write down/ life/ and apply it my sound

Everybody’s got something to prove – to prove
And Everybody’s got something to lose – to lose
And I might not know a lot, but I know what I got – and it’s my people that are seeing me through.

This is for my people – in the world war – the perfect storm
My people with an eye out to find out what they’re searching for
My people with a little too much weight on their backs – staying intact - why you think I’m making these tracks
My people rock bottom, on top and shaking the earth, down by cops, the law and problems, but making it work
Crazy how certain days bang in on purpose – strangling nerves – but pain makes way for the change we deserve…I mean…

When’s the last time…anything made sense?
Scraping for a paycheck/ escaping in a tape deck
Running in circles at a breakneck speed
Blame them streets – cause if they could they’d aim then squeeze
Just trying to change some things – misplaced some dreams – escaping from the same dumb schemes/ the same love scenes/ veins pump greed/ the days grow weak/ so make your mark –
choose your battles/ wear your bruises well/ and never play the part
this is where I stand – more than a side
this track’s for ian who got me into hip hop a decade before he died
thank you, this is for those resting in peace – those with a head full of grief – those with nothing but lessons to teach
Life’s set to a beat – use it
You can take the jungle out the cat, but you can’t take the cat out the music
Laced it with ruthless/ pages of basic truths/ slipped in between bass hits/ and grew it/ in the basement till you tuned in

And everybody’s got something to prove – to prove
And everybody’s got something to lose – to lose
So everybody with a head full of pressure – tomorrow will be better – it’s never a next time – so what’ll you choose?

Warning Shots

Written By: Mike Faudel

I AM hip hop
I AM the passion
I AM the DJ
I AM the scratching
I AM the B-Boy
I AM the Rappin
I AM graffiti
I AM the action

I AM the teacher
I AM the soldier
I AM the student
I AM the culture
I AM the dream
I AM direction
I AM the art
I AM expression

This ain’t a cat walk/ this ain’t Hollywood’s big screen dance off/ the pop culture trips like crip walking with a cast on/ this would exist even if you couldn’t get your hands on/ your favorite rappers hand guns, handspun pants, or tampons/
Life ain’t a sprite commercial/ mics on stage ain’t for rhyme rehearsal/ raps in your advertisements don’t make me want to buy your cereal/ (and) (doesn’t earn you respect or) put you into my circle/
Live, fully versatile – we move that art/ this is for (the) new jacks who don’t know what new jacks are/ It’s too little, too late/ a little too much/ of cat’s saying hip hop’s dead just cause what they listen to sucks/
what?/ we’re loosing feeling in these heads’ nerves/ tired of going from yes yes ya’ll to yes sir/ The better the bigger/ the bigger the worse/ the more bitter the beggar the more quickly to burst/ (Blaho!!!)
Now is the time/ this is the place/ my people aren’t moving at that primitive pace
Down is the mind/ that’s equipped for the race/ ghetto blaster rappers with a similar fate
Wait/ up/ hold the phone – this area’s bugged/ capturing the essence of what the hysteria was/ dare me to bust/ like I don’t carry the love?/ My parents weren't around much, but my stereo was/ Sucker.
Lifestyle/ mic style/ one life/…live it…/ this art fits the pieces in for those that can’t fit in/ picking up the pieces of another one/ headphone music - the soundtrack for whatever we’re all running from


This is where the party stops/ nobody called it off/ delusion’s played out/ playa/ no more warning shots/ move the movement/ rock the body rock/ get the stress off the chest like shirts at Mardi Gras/
Walk the limp, right/ Brawl the fist fight/ the sun sets on dim light/ it’s now approaching midnight/ my veins come equipped with quick-witted windpipes/ breathing in life/ and spitting out insight/ no matter the shattering facts my hands can’t grip tight/ the inside of this mind finds the calm with what the pen writes/
The end’s nigh! / we’re the last to play/ the tragic game/ by their rules/ fuel(ing) seeds with acid reign/ dance on the flames/ weather the storm/ resuscitate the people/ get the heads off the floor/ let’s/ measure the force/ it’s either Bedlam or war/ it’s been a long time – it’s time to settle the score
Take it back – I don’t mean take it back in time/ I mean take it back to the reason you first related to rhymes/ that’s the day that I find when writing fills pages/ just here to make good music while I’m still here to make it/
Waited forever/ born with a complex/ to write till the page has gone to shreds/ with a long stretch of strong text/
Follow the architects/ I’m as down with rapping as most rappers are down with cars and sex/ as long as the stars reflect the sun after they die/ we’ll be making this music with people wondering why/ puzzled/ let ‘em ask questions/ let ‘em make trouble/ while we make the soundtrack to the everyday hustle

Regular Nowhere

Written By: Mike Faudel

I’m a square peg/ a third leg/ Ia regular nowhere/ and most things I either don’t know or I don’t care/ only travel on low fare/ I’ll go there/ walk(ing) a million miles through trials till I wear my bones bare///home’s where/ ever my dome’s out the cold air/ I’m as current on the pop scene as Sunny Bono and Cher/ I don’t choke at a show/ and I got poems to spare/ so I might think you’re dope, but I know there’s no hope to compare///
I got no flare/ like straight-legged jeans/ go to sleep at 5 am, wake up at 8:15/ not out to make this cream/ but I’ll take it if you want to support
Down to chill out on porch with a bottle of port///
Trying to blend in so the cops will ignore/ what they can’t stop anymore/ besides, there’s too many broken laws to report/
Had my fill of mopping the floor/ so maybe one day I’ll live in a box/ but I’m not really sure///
so I rock it for ya’ll/ cause that’s what I live for/ I’d laugh in your face if you’d ask if I could give more/ I’m the hardest working nobody you never heard of/ keep the world turned off and (keep) the headphones turned up///
might as well, life is hell/ I don’t shave much and bite my nails/ my soul’s free on the stage and my CD’s on the site for sale/ chicks either dig me – or they trying to dis/ but I’ve messed with more women’s heads than I’d like to admit///
I grew up on records and cassette tapes/ I grew up on domestic disputes and headaches/ All I really wanted was a death ray/ ever since I got in trouble for sagging my pants in tenth grade///
cause, uh/ I’ve been exiled/ and I’ve been fresh while/ I’ve been treated like hip hop’s red-headed stepchild/ my words reach further than sixth grade pen pals/ never been less than the best and never had a set style///

I’m building my house out toothpicks
And my essence is the Sentences sent from these two lips
I’m not really sure if the shoe fits
But if it does I’d be down to take some new kicks
I got the fire in my soul…and it holds the wisdom
And I ain’t in control…but at least I listen
Everybody wants to know what’s going on in they mind so if you want to hear from mine, here’s the definition

I’m a one man army gone AWOL/ only put my name on great art/ whether it’s tracks or train cars/ just down to take all/ I can fit in every eight bars/ and if I had big old ape balls I’d break in bank vaults///
I’m your typical cat like Qwazaar/ but I’m dope on the steel/ I don’t focus on hoping for deals/ I focus on Skillz/ the vocals are Ill/ and you know that it’s real/ when I open my grill/ and start spilling (out) quotes you can feel///
it’s clichÈ, but hip hop’s my life/ I take it graciously/ it’s messed up relationships, friendships and J.O.B.s/ I ain’t ever aimed to please/ this is my pain relief/ man, I get paid to think/ and if you hate, go concentrate on your drink///
I don’t bring the beef if I don’t have to/ people are cool, but don’t bring the peace pens and pads do/ end even though most rap fools got a permanent bad mood/ I’ve learned more on stage than I ever learned in a classroom///
ran too many people off with something I said/ rubbing two cents together/ just trying to cover the rent/ don’t want the drama/ but I got a lot stuffed in my head/ skeletons in my closet and monsters under my bed///
I love words/ And I guess I’ve always been musical/ I hate work/ I’d rather be in hell than a cubicle/ let’s face it – most rappers are wack and far from suitable/ cause the earth can be ugly/ but the women are beautiful///
When I rap you can move or sit there and stare/ you can dis every line I spit/ I don’t really care/ most cats are trained by MTV to be groupies for stupid emcees/ and I love the crowd/ but I do this for me///
I’m a student – believe/ that I ain’t buying in/ my life’s only as real as what I write with my pen/ live with the assignment to pry into my mind and try to find a way to rhyme it and make it hype when it’s sent


Solo Projects:
Sentence – Bomb Shelter Poetry CD (Voicebox Records)
Sentence – There and Back CD (Voicebox Records)
Group Projects:
Makeshift Gods – Audio Movement CD (Voicebox Records)
Makeshift Gods – Live Like an Artist, Die Like a Poet CD (Voicebox Records)
Makeshift Gods – Audio Movement CD (Voicebox Records)
Makeshift Gods – Invisible People 12” Single (Voicebox Records)
Compilations Featured on:
DJ Pray One – F*CK the Radio Mixtape/Compilation
CD Baby – Thick Cuts of Beats Compilation
Radio 1190 – Local Shakedown Vol. 2
Jump Mobile Hip Hop Compilation
Cameo Appearences on:
Sage Francis - Sick of Waiting Tables (Sage Francis Records)
Once & Gollum – Peripheral Thoughts CD (Voicebox Records)
49 Stories – Depression Followers CD (Voicebox Records)
49 Stories – Blind Faith CD (Voicebox Records)
DRK – Cathartic Resume (Only Option Records)
Input - Elusive Candor (Voicebox Records)
Shovel - Shovel (Voicebox Records)
Paradox - Hiatus (Voicebox Records)
RushYa - Modern Day McCarthy (Ponowai Flora)

Set List

Set can vary from 10 minutes to 1 hr. Usually do 25-30 minutes when opening and 45-60 minutes when headlining.
Set looks something like this at the time being:
3 hours of Sleep
Warning Shots
5th Floor
Trying to Be
Regular Nowhere
One Question