BandEDMHip Hop

music inspired by the hustle of city streets.


Florida dj extraoidanaire Chris V was introduced to Jean Le phd, cultural anthropologist of the streets, through a common business connection in Shy City. They were brought together by G.O.D. to accomplish one thing: to Rock the Ages! With Chris V 's dirty beats and Jean Le's academic lectures - SEOUL is here to Rule the Dance. SEOUL is the music of the city revolution! Viva! Party!


a. 3 for the mothers demo
b. 6 for the kids ep. (forthcoming)
c. 3 for the streets

Set List

3 for the mothers
1. Alexis 3:44
2. Lockdown 3:56
3. Flying 4:30
& play a 15 minute dance DJ set before and after our origional songs