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SEP7EMBER – ever since 2007. And the 5 guys from Germany’s Rhine/Main region live up to their name, making the music to go with that month. A bit melancholy, like the end of summer. Beating down on heads like the first wild rain and swirling off the stage like the wind blowing in your face. Summer goes and autumn roars in with hurricane force, as their live performances do. So much for the imagery.

SEP7EMBER, after all, have worked hard over the past 5 years. Rehearsing, sweating, composing, rejecting, hoping, barfing, remaking and recording. With their 4-track EP “Any place in space” they fired their own starting gun in late 2009. And the 2010 demo “Demolition” with their radio single “I hate NY”, assured that everything worked out the way it did. “I think the demo opened doors that were formerly closed”, said Boris Pillmann in an interview on Radio1 Berlin in early 2012.

And that’s exactly how it was. In late 2010, SEP7EMBER still turned out its own production of the
“I hate NY” video and uploaded it in YouTube. Then a friend happened to know someone to whom he sent the video. From then on Michael Schuh and his agency Solar Penguin took over management of SEP7EMBER. And that was that.

Many have made it that far. But with their demo and the brand-new rehearsal recordings, SEP7EMBER were also able to win over a label: SPV in Hannover. And so it came to pass that in October 2011 the album “Strange ways of going home” was launched at last. Twelve tracks, classically recorded, straight on without lots of overdubs and frippery, and with the strong smell of sweat. Sheer madness, as uttered by many an online critic. Here the lyrics by Boris Pillmann are compared with those of Kurt Cobain and songs like “Bitterness” put on a level with Interpol.

YouTube-clicks on the first single “I hate NY” quickly soared towards 80,000. The “New Yorker” fashion label leaped over that legendary shadow without much ado, supporting the single Germany-wide for one month in its outlets, while the TV channel IM1 (Imusicone) plugged “I hate NY” on a radio commercial Germany-wide. “I hate NY” is still running on Burger King TV. As is the second single from the album: “Run”. The video of “Run” – homage to SEP7EMBER’s hometown, Frankfurt – is turning in remarkable performance on with more than 100,000 clicks.

And what would SEP7EMBER be without their live performance? Zilch.
Bold, rough, loud, authentic and WOW! Live recordings like the video of “One Thing”, or the video of the third single, “So” – created on the extended January 2012 tour taking the band all the way to Italy – go to show what happens when they say: “A very good evening to you all, we’re SEP7EMBER.” What’s on then? Good night, man. Good night to dismal moods. And not only the 5 gents on stage shortly flip their cookie. The audience too won’t be spared getting their beloved asses in gear.

Bands come, bands go. SEP7EMBER is here to stay.