Colossians 3:16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.


We're not here to impress. We're not here to amaze. We're not here to astound. We're here to serve. It is God who moves us, and God who makes things happen. It's the Father who convicts people and it is Jesus who brought us salvation. We are but mere servants, joyful bond servants of our Lord With every note we play, every word we sing, and every drum we hit, God speaks through us. It is He who moves the crowd. It's He who speaks to the audience. We're only here to serve with the talents He gave us. Our music speaks of the challenges life brings to each of us, and the biblical solutions thereof. Our music is a blend of modern rock and emotion that brings the listener into the core of the song itself. All we are is a group of broken men whose souls were saved by the love of Jesus Christ, and all we want to do is share that love with everyone around us. We do so by playing our hearts out and submitting to the authorities above us. We break the stereotype of what a rock band should be, and we know our position as servants in the body of Christ. We're backed by multiple churches, and have at our disposal professional equipment to aid us in attracting this generation's interest in music and concerts. In doing so, we present the gospel in a way that speaks to this generation where they are at with the intention that someone will find Christ and God will work in someone's heart. We are but servants of God with the sole intention of leading people to Christ, and helping others grow in their faith. So the only question that remains is this: how can Separated serve with you?


Somethings wrong

Written By: Zack Marrow

Verse 1:
I need to find something real in my life something better than this. Wasted time all on me story book tragety. You got to believe me I'm dieing for something. Something with meaning, something thats true. The words that you tell me. Can they change me? Can they make me more like you.

There something wrong inside of me that I can change. I need to change. There something good inside of you that I can see. Oh give me the truth.

Verse 2:
All my trying comprimising has pushed me inside. Hands are shaking, heart is racing, I can see the light. I got to believe that I'm dieing for something, something with meaning. Something thats true. The words that I'm hearing. Can they change me? Can they make me more like you.

Chorus: Repeat twice

Set List

Do you even know





Somethings wrong

In the sand


Inside out