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Helsinki, Central Finland, Finland | INDIE

Helsinki, Central Finland, Finland | INDIE
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"Solid in Swedish"

Hufvudstadsbladet 19 October 2011 (Wilhelm Kvist)
Review / Albums
Flod. (Y7-Productions)

Solid in Swedish
I guess pop music in Finland-Swedish has always resonated a bit poorly in my ears, but this time it is different. The group Sepia (Victoria Lindqvist, vocals, Lauri Schreck, guitar) reaches on its debut album a significantly high level. Not that the lyrics would shape out significantly clear for me (a booklet with the lyrics would have been a nice extra) but because the music is so well made. The handicraft is thoroughfully made and the result is varied without braking the style.
Both Lindqvist and Schreck are educated music educators from the Sibelius Academy. In the music I can find influences from both Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. With a certain liveliness Victoria Lindqvist approaches also artists from the 80's like Eva Dahlgren and Marie Bergman. Even the only Finnish track from the album, Merelle lähtevä with lyrics from (the Finnish national epos Kalevala's) Kanteletar, is loyal to the style. Lindqvist is an energetic voice artist; melodic, lyric and in many ways cute. No other Finnish artist sounds this ethereal. Lauri Schreck comps rythmically and dynamically on the guitar throughout the whole album, with a self-esteem hard as a brick. Love to hear when it grooves.
The same energetic hold reappears on Schreck's other new album with the group LSB. LSB (Lauri Schreck, Tero Palo, Riku Kantola, Mikko Pöyhönen, Sami Niskavaara) delivers much harder and rougher stuff. Here Schreck playes the role as vocal solist, the language is English and the style is more a kind of psychedelic progressive rock. Ten tracks with the same manner perhaps fills the quota. It is however easy to become fascinated by polished details like e.g. abrupt endings. - Huvustadsbladet (Biggest swedish newspaper in Finland)

"Appealing Folkpop in Swedish"

Album Review in Helsingin Sanomat, 21 December 2011
(Mari Koppinen)

Appealing Folkpop in Swedish

Sepia: Flod. Y7 Productions. 20 e.

FOLKPOP. Here is a duo, representing a piece of Finland-Swedish culture, that we will still hear a lot from: Victoria Lindqvist's and Lauri Schreck's Sepia.

In the album they present their own material with a full-blooded pop grip, but the music itself draws on the folk tradition. Most striking is the talent. Lindqvist has a brilliant, pliable and clear voice, and she really knows how to tell stories. Schreck again is an exceptionally talented guitarist, the guitar actually speaks. Occasionally it seems that the guitar gets to rule even a bit too much, there is so much to say.

The intimate atmosphere and the dialogue of the duo has been captured perfectly. - Helsingin Sanomat (Biggest newspaper in Finland)


Sepia - Flod (Y7-productions 2011)



Who would have thought that when a full speed rock musician like Lauri Schreck and feminist singer and music educator Victoria Lindqvist came together, the result would be Sepia, an etno pop project that has captured many with its evocative sound and Victoria's intensive live presence.

In the autumn of 2011 Sepia released its debut album FLOD. It has been highly praised by the press as well as the audience. Finland's largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat wrote: "Most striking is the talent. Lindqvist has a brilliant, pliable and clear voice, and she really knows how to tell stories. Schreck again is an exceptionally talented guitarist. The intimate atmosphere and the dialogue of the duo has been captured perfectly."

During the fall 2011 Sepia realized the album release tour giving concerts at ten different concert halls around Finland. FLOD TOUR was widely acknowledged in the media, and was met by the audience with enthusiasm. The tour culminated in fully booked concert at the Helsinki Music Centre on 15th December 2012.

Sepia had two fully booked showcases in Tallinn Music Week 2012. The intensive live performances as well as the Flod album got acknowledgements from the international delegates, which led to media coverage and invites to festivals such as the Folk Alliance 2013 in Toronto Ontario, Canada.

In the autumn 2012, Sepia will give a concert tour in Germany, including concerts in Berlin and Cologne. Sepia will start the year 2013 with an extensive tour in Finland and will continue with touring internationally including concerts in the Nordic countries, Berlin and Paris and Toronto. Sepia plans on releasing FLOD internationally, beginning with Sweden, Norway and GSA-area.

Sepia is Victoria Lindqvist (vocals) and Lauri Schreck (guitars, vocals). On stage Sepia performs with multi-instrumentalist Riku Kantola (guitar, accordion, melodica, vocals). Sound technician is Jon-Patrik Kuhlefelt.